Kathy Davis' Response About the Ten Cats

Although she states they are ill, they don't look ill. I hope medical records are available. 



Thanks for sharing your concerns about this matter.  In checking with staff, these particular cats are not well socialized and, unfortunately, are sick.  They are currently all under medical treatment.  However, because they are not used to being handled/caged, they are not doing well.  

Our New Hope Coordinator put out an urgent plea because he is convinced that they have a much better chance if they are in a home (not in a shelter) environment.  Space is not the issue, hence, they have not been put on the red list.  However, what is at issue is their deteriorating health conditions.  Should they continue to deteriorate, our medical staff will ultimately be placed in a position of making the decision to euthanize them for medical reasons.  We're hoping with emails blasts, etc. that will not happen.

We currently have one rescue that has placed an IP (Interested Party) on them.  We are hoping that they come in and get them today.  Again, we stress the urgency of this situation.  These cats seriously need help in getting out right now.  If there is anyone available to assist these cats, please send them to West Valley.

Appreciate any help you can offer them, Ed.




Anonymous said...

I've seen healthy cats go into the shelter. They ALL get URI within five days. I've never gotten a cat from there without URI or a dog without kennel cough. The only way to save them is for someone to adopt them. Tabby adults will be tough to find homes.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by the "IP" .. i'm pretty sure that's one of our mutual connections that emails us all .. she does that to try and give them a little more time.

Anonymous said...

They took those pics on intake. I know because the new hope coordinator sent out an alert begging people to adopt them.

Anonymous said...

I checked with someone at the shelter and was told, to the best of the person's knowledge, they were immediately impounded as ferals and put down shortly after that.

I hope this info is inaccurate.

Ed Muzika said...

No Brad, if you called me a slope. gook, or Jap, that would be racism. Czech is only an abbreviation.