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Your morning adorable: Rub-a-dub-dub, raccoons in a tub

January 26, 2010 | 12:01 pm
If there's anything cuter than a baby raccoon, we're hard-pressed to think of what it could be -- unless it's two baby raccoons.  Mary Cummins of the L.A.-based wildlife rehabilitation organization Animal Advocates shares this video on her YouTube channel (which, incidentally, is chock-full of adorable baby animals and is well worth a perusal).
Cummins explains that she placed these two in a bathtub while she cleaned their carrier -- well, that was the idea, anyway.  "I thought I'd put them in the tub for easy cleaning, but unfortunately they can climb out," she writes. "I had to put them in another clean carrier while I prepared their cage."
-- Lindsay Barnett
Video: MaryCummins via YouTube


Anonymous said...

AAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!! How adorable, cutem, scrumptuous, kissem---SMACK-Smoooooooch! Kissey-Kissey-Smooooch little guys!

Gosh this woman is just awwwwsome with these little guys.

Anonymous said...

Encouraging people to blow kisses at wild animals you are killing with misguided kindness is like all the other morons who clamored to adopt the dog resued froom the LA River (ok whatever river) while a thousand good, deserving dogs sit without hope in the shelters.
Instead of glorifying your terrorist buddies and abusing wild animals for your entertainment, why don't you do something to help the animals that sit in the shelters? That's a rhetorical question; you do not have to answer it.

Ed Muzika said...

Hey moron, I refuse to post more of your comments if you don't exercise more civility.

Mary is a wildlife rehabber. These are rescues. She has done more for saving lives of wildlife than you, in your apparent moronic mentality can ever conceive or duplicate in 10 of your regressive lives.