The job announcement for Animal Services GM position just came out.

It is not on the City's Personnel website. It is not on Animal Services website.

I got it from ADLLA!!! It is dated January 2o, 2010.


Take a look at it. The search can close on February 19, 2010, just three weeks off and it is not even on City's Personnel or Animal Services website?

What is the rush? It has been nine months since Boks resigned, and maybe three or four months trying to figure out the job description, and closing can be only three weeks away?


Also, the job description is so vague and generalistic that anyone with significant shelter experience would qualify, but it would exclude, for example, a three star general of the army that has led an army group of five divisions, and 100,000 men, and who might love animals and no kill.

I also understand the public will never find out who the candidates are or have any input. When the search was on for the police chief, I remember five or six internal candidates were mentioned in the LA Times. Not even this.

This is not right. Again, the LA animal community is not having any input.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... the only requirement is that candidates have a valid CA drivers license with a driving record acceptable to the City? Maybe I should apply for that job ;-)

Maybe everyone should!!

Brad Jensen

Anonymous said...

Yes, maybe everyone should. Everyone but any of you!!

You get your info from ADLLA. That's your first mistake. These are the 10 people who actually send out email blasts calling respected people names. Oh sure, they should get what they want. Every time they ask us to write, I write to everyone on the list they want emails sent to begging them to ignore the crazies. I think most of City Hall knows that now.

Their hard ass, name-calling, sophomoric whining proves to me that they are the last people should turn to for help of any way.

Anonymous said...

#2: Where do you think the ADLLA gets their info from? Would you believe there are employees on the "inside" who actually seek out those in the ADL to get the word out about what is happening in the shelters? If any employee came forward, they would be out of a job. Perhaps you should be less concerned about any "name-calling" and more concerned about those "respected people" who are killing innocent animals.

Anonymous said...

Why, I think they make it up. I don't think there is any "inside" person giving them information. I have read the biggest lies about LAAS, the mayor and staff, and the shelters from the ADLLA.

I have read things that I could prove were wrong if I were so inclined. Luckily for me, it's not necessary because the ADLLA has lost all credibility at city hall.

Even their former supporters ignore them. They have proven themselves to be liars and name-calling haters, not to mention the sophomoric stunts they pull when they picket the wrong houses, tell the children of employees of the mayor that their dad kills puppies. Lie about everything including how many neighbors they spoke to.

Then to make it worse, they litter their paperwork all over the neighborhood they're picketing in.

ADLLA <-- Losers with capital L's on their heads.