The Poison of Politically Correct Speech

This is what we need to stop, not argue about the PC names for the whalers.

Harry Reid is attacked for using the two words, "Negro dialect," and Blago says he is blacker than Obama because he grew up in a five room apartment.

The Republicans want Senator Reid to resign even though the Census Bureau still has the category negro and it is in the names of some prestigious colleges and organizations.  On MSNBC Reid is criticized because the word “negro” is outdated, and the CURRENT proper current term is Afro American, and even the term "black" is suspect. I was criticized some months for using the words “angry black male” and called a racist, even those are the words used by the very proper English college teacher, little old lady (Who has stage 4 cancer), who was harassed by an angry black male neighbor who wanted her to get rid of all her cats and called Animal Services on her for having too many. 

What a screwed up country where a word can cause such furor but the actions of murder and killing countless animals is not supposed to be condemned as an action of a people or culture.
Political correctness around the issue of race is the hobgoblin of little minds. There is an inability in some  to see through words, and they see PC offenses everywhere, but miss the bigger picture that millions of animals are dying due to Japanese whaling and other fishery practices, the eating dogs and cats in China, Korea and the Philippines. Then, because these are ancient supposedly civilized cultures and people, they are not supposed to be condemned, because we look like racists condemning them. Ditto chicken sacrifice in certain Jewish traditions. Boks was criticized for offending a Jewish cult because he brought attention to the practice and condemned it. Rather than looking and judging deeds, the words are inspected first and  judged and condemned by PC little minds.

I was named the first American, "World" Teacher of Korean Chogye Buddhism in 1997 I think. As such I was allowed to represent Chogye Zen Buddism before the world as an official spokesman for that 2,000 temple order in Korea, and even start a new Korean Zen order here in the United States. (Translation:
I refused to pursue this course of activity when I returned to the U.S. after I found out what was happening in all the "Live Food" restaurants in Seoul. I turned in my credentials and condemned the eating of dogs and the way dogs were killed--savagely beaten to death-- in live food restaurants because some macho Korean males believe the dogs' adrenalin-soaked meat from being beaten to death increases their sexual potency. Also, Koreans universally lied to me and other Americans in Korea by denying that such killing and eating was taking place. There are laws against eating dogs in Korea, but they are not enforced. The Chogye Zen order wanted me to transport not only Zen, but Korean culture to the US as a spokesperson.

I condemned that Korean culture. I will never return to Korea for any reason. This is not the only reason. The higher ups in the Chogye administration, as well as the abbot in the US,  lied to me the entire time about what my functioning would be in this role, both in the US and in Korea. I was to be their front and pawn.

Thousands of monks and laypeople rioted just a year after I was there struggling to control the monasteries, where native born and nationalist monks tried to expel the Japanese abbots and Japanese appointed Chogye prelates who had dominated the order since the 1940s when the “Japs” killed or removed the celibate monks and abbots from the Korean monasteries, and replaced them with married priests friendly to Japan where marriage was acceptable for abbots.
For similar reasons I condemn the Philippine culture for eating pets, and the Chinese for eating them and skinning them alive, and the Japanese people for supporting whaling and killing 25,000 dolphins a year, as well as the Nepalese people for condoning killing 250,000 animals in a religious slaughter festival. The Chinese capitalists are poisoning our children and pets for a buck with various food additives and other cost-cutting, money making practices, and now they have even added tainted medications to their criminality. They have execution vans driving through the provinces so criminals can be murdered inside the vans by the state and their organs sold on an international organ market, and for several weeks they banned the eating of dogs in Bejing during the Olympics so Westerners would not discover the practice. And, can we ever forget Tibet and the on again off again genocide there?

I find these practices repugnant and reprehensible and I condemn those cultures and the people that engage in such practices or condone such activities by participating in them or passively by looking the other way, either because they find nothing wrong with those activities, or because they want to be politically correct in their own culture and not call these practices and practitioners the thuggery of cretins and murderers.  If a person in that country or culture actively opposes such practices, I do not condemn them, or call them names, I applaud them, but I am not going to turn a blind eye to such practices and accept them as acts of a foreign belief system and culture that has to be honored. I wil never travel to any of these countries for the same reason. 

This does not mean all Koreans, or Chinese, or Nepalese are evil, but only that the culture as a whole is sick, and every member of that culture needs to be aware they are being judged and found wanting.

I equally condemn people that kill animals in this country for food, hunters or butchers, or out of cruelty or by neglect, or in animal shelters when there are no-kill alternatives they refuse to embrace. I condemn the greed of capitalists, corporations and politicians that think only of profit instead of people and animals. Please witness what I have done on this site in the past when condemning cruelty or incompetence even while lots of people look the other way or condemn me for condemning them.

But most strongly, I condemn those who think words are more important to be punished, and language behaviors changed, than killing is to be stopped: the political correctness people. 

Personally, I think you need help. You help no one. You create a culture where any condemnation is itself condemned because someone might be discomforted, even while millions of animals die. There is something seriously wrong with how your minds and hearts work.

Real spirituality is to escape from belief systems and ideologies, and PC-ness to see through to the heart of the matter. Life is being unnecessarily destroyed—often brutally--because of large segments of mankind are not in touch with their hearts. They don't see how all of us sentient beings are connected to each other. They don't feel the pain or joy of others. This is largely a mental problem. These people are too much in their heads, thinking, belief systems, and ideologies which allow for such horrors as a matter of course.

The PC people are locked into their own PC ideology and are just as blinded as those locked into ideologies of horror such as Nazism, or Japanese militarists/Bushido code with their sense of racial superiority. Ane then the PC people bristle with their own sense of moral superiority over trivial things like the use of the terms Jap, black dialect, Wop, bohunk (my background), etc., rather than taking some direct action as Watson and the Sea Shepherds did against the whalers. Watson and his crews are even condemned by some PC people for endangering human lives to stop whale killing in their own perverse specism.

Now I hear the movie Avatar is under attack by the PC racist nutcases as being racist. Don't you guys have something better to do than pose as moral authorities? You are not. You are narrow little morality bigots. 

There are a lot of sick cultures in the world, including ours, that must not be granted immunity from ridicule and scorn because such is not politically correct speech.


Unknown said...

I agree with these principles and I applaud you for declaring them in your absolutely clear statement. Hopefully there will be Koreans that come into your life down the road who want to be part of an evolving standard of decency towards animals. If this happens I hope that your heart will be open to accept them as who and what they are individually. In the meantime it would be nice if people like myself who speak less directly about things like this in order to "get along" with the status quo would sound off like this and declare how sick and perverted the flesh market is.

Anonymous said...

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