Astounding Info From Arizona

If this is true, Boks is one of the worst scoundrels around. However, given the reliability of some of the information provided to me in the past by employees or ex-employees, I will not venture to assign a truth value to this information.

I can assure you, I will attempt to find secondary validation.

I have been speaking to someone from Arizona. They said Boks refused animals in when he got full. People dumped them in the parking lot. Fortunately there is a ravine there between the shelter and the road and most of the animals stayed in the ravine. Some didn't and were hit by cars. Rescuers would try to catch the animals in the parking lot. For those they couldn't catch they left food and water.

Boks did the same overcrowding and refusing tactics in Arizona that he is doing here. It had the same horrible effect on animals being dumped, or dying in the shelter from illness and injury. He knows this doesn't help animals but he is doing it for his numbers. This person said that the same thing happened in New York. (This would be hearsay about hearsay, and the truth value may drop to close to zero.

Concerning the consequences of his overcrowding in our own shelters, I hear more animals are being returned because they are sick. Same thing happened in New York. This is a more substantiated rumor.

I lived in Arizona for some time in the Phoenix area. It is an aweful place to be during the summer where temperatures routinely reach 114 degrees or more. Sometimes a month may pass where the daytime high is over a hundred.

On top of that, rural Phoenix is coyote central. As in some parts of LA, they wander through the streets and fields all during the night and early morning.

There is such consistent bad news about Boks it is hard to know what to say.

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