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I'm just shocked that things are getting worse. Who would have ever believed that they'd just shutter the shelter doors to stop intake to reduce euthanasia numbers?

Blame not just Boks, but much of LAAS personnel. Someone told me 80% are deadheads.

In fact when Stuckey first started here he told someone that he had no idea the staff could possibly be so stupid and lazy. Now with Boks they are more than just stupid and lazy. They hate him because he comes from more of an activist background. The staff turned Boks in to the LAPD telling them he was a terrorist with ADL.

The City’s red tape, sociopaths in the Mayor’s Office (not Bickhart), stupid lazy employees working against you, Boks doesn't have an easy job. He bit off way more than he could chew and the animals are paying for it. He didn't think it'd be this bad. He thought activists would love him. Of course he brought a lot of this on himself by lying and making impossible projections.

We were told Debbie Knaan quit because she was offered a job she couldn't refuse. But any job would be unrefusable compared to working for this department. Employee problems, Boks' alleged criminal actions, Hayden act violations, fudging the books, upcoming lawsuits, activist opposition; who wants to go down with Boks?

It is Interesting that Knaan announced her resignation the day after ADL protested at her house.

Before she was the AGM, she knew there were major problems. She just thought she could fix them. I think she made progress but there are just too many problems.

You could make great new policies and programs but if the employees aren't implementing things, what's the point?

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Anonymous said...

I was at the Carson shelter on Monday about 6:30. I walked through the shelter and there were hardly any workers there. Every run had so much dog "poo" in there I had to look to see how many dogs were in the run.........only one or two. No on had cleaned up all day. It was terrible. The dogs had no room to walk around it.
The reason I was at the shelter was to pick up an old dog that didn't appear from the published photo to be in very good condition, but they said he was 10 years old, so I just thought I would take him home and give him his time.
When I came in it was late, and I couldn't locate the dog. I asked where he was and one worker (all neat and clean in his pressed uniform) told me he was in the infirmary and I had better get in line before they shut the doors and I would lose my first hold on the poor old guy.
I did that and I paid for the dog, full fee, after asking if the dog had been seen by a vet. They assured me he had and that he was just malnourished and had a few callouses. I saw that they had not neutered the dog, charged me the trust fee, remember the dog was 10 yrs. and appeared very malnourished, and charges for all his shots.
I had to go back after the dog and they really did not want to bring him out to me. I had to go in and put a lead on him and he could hardly walk out of the enclosure. He had pooped all over himself, as they were shoveling canned dog food into him. She said as much as he could eat........just swell. The dog walked so slow I didn't think he would make it to the car. People were staring at me and the dog he was in such terrible condition. I said to the worker, I can't believe they didn't put this dog down due to his condition....she just looked at me. I think they would have left him sit there until his time was up, but two rescue people had a hold on him, so they decided to make a few bucks and show him in their "in" and "out" numbers.
The next day I took him to the vet, where we discovered he was only 4-5 years old and was in congestive heart failure and his lymph glands were all very enlarged so he has something else going on as well. The vet took some x-rays and he also appeared to have a mass on his heart, but also had a very loud murmur that even I could hear.
I do not think a vet ever saw this dog.....they lied. No vet could miss such and obvious diagnosis. I am no vet and I knew what was wrong with him from the outward signs. He had a belly full of fluid which was so bad it was dripping out of his nose.
At least he had a nice warm bed for the night and a few nice meals, some dog biscuits and some love. My vet suggested that he put put down as there was nothing that could be done to help him. We ushered "Mr. Bones" gently over the hump that day. At least he was out of the shelter for a few peaceful hours.
I have photos of "Mr. Bones" and all of the records from the shelter and my vet, who will verify his diagnosis and the dog's condition.
Something has to be done about the shelters, the lazy people to work there, the management who has not returned my calls for four days now and proper veterinary care for these dogs. I shudder to think what degree of veterinary competance is available to these dogs and cats, especially with the surgeries.
If I can help in anyway, I will be glad to. I have done rescue for nearly 25 years and as I see it the shelters in LA are getting worse by the day.