If nothing else, Ed's new policy points out clearly to one and all that he is utterly unable to successfully manage a large shelter system.

Cynically he has been manipulating the numbers to make it appear there was progress to no-kill. He has crowded the shelters to make the March-May figures really good, and now that the reality of the crush is catching up, as id did last June, he shuts the shelters' doors and teaches a no-kill seminar at the end of June.

I have been hounded by the Son of Naysayer who says this is what all no-kill shelters do: juggle animals, manipulate numbers, lie, and spin. Ed does all of that and more. But Boks case is more of the usual rather than having gone. The whole system is collapsing under Boks' incredible need for adulation, instead of implementing what has to be done to really get to no-kill.

This is why Debbie Knaan jumped ship and took an offer she could not refuse. As someone said, any job would be unrefusable compared to being Boks' AGM when the ship is sinking.

Ed's done here.

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