County Animal Control Fraud

The complete nonsense of temperament testing.

The above chart lists the true statistics on animals killed in the LA County's six shelters in 2005. 35,800 cats came in, 79% or 28,100 were killed. Of 38, 900 dogs that came in. 18,500 were killed, or 46%.

Using temperament testing, on page 47 of the County's Annual Report, County Animal services claimed:

Major Accomplishments 2003-2004

• Placed 91% of adoptable dogs and 89.6% of adoptable cats into new homes.

What an utter fraud! You bet the supervisors are going to hear about this.

Boks appears to be moving in this direction. Already he has claimed almost all "treatable" animals were saved in March of this year. Earlier he stated that the New Hope partners were taking the less "adoptable" animals.

He used to be 100% against temperament testing, claiming he based his save and kill figures on all breathing animals coming in versus all breathing animals coming out, and if they didn't come out alive, it was a failure of the shelters (as well as the public).

Seems like if his numbers don't improve in fact, he will in semantics.

When he was in Phoenix, he used to eschew the use of the term "euthanasia" saying the proper terms was "kill." However, in a semantic definition on the LAAS site done some time ago, he explained why the term "euthanasia" was what LAAS did, not killing.

So Boks appears to be taking LAAS rapidly to No-Kill using temperament testing, even though the Commissioners have opposed any temperament testing.

The Commissioners should censure Boks for using the terms adoptable and treatable and in no event, let Boks squiggle out of his promise to make LA No-Kill by redefining No-Kill as exactly what he has been doing all along.

By the way, Ed, we are still waiting for the April statistics.