April Statistics Are In-Big Guns Come Out to Battle for Boks

Cats and dogs did better than last April. Euthanasia is down and lives saves up from 50 to 53%. Euthanasia being down is also a function of overcrowding. I understand the new shelter is already full, but it supposedly has three times the room of the old shelter. Wow! The crowding at the old EV must have been horrible.

Since October, two new shelters have opened, giving Boks the ability to store another 5-600 hundred animals. This will help his kill numbers, but only in the short run. Adoptions are down, but the foster program seems to be working. That's good.

Holding animals longer is a mixed blessing. The died in shelter rate for dogs and cats is higher than last year, but not by much. All in all, not bad for cats and dogs. Not good either if you were Stuckey or Greenwalt who cut killing by 250 to 500 animals in each and every month.

But rabbits and "Other animals" got creamed. Horrible!

The "other" category is wildlife, exotics, small pets, birds, reptiles, amphibians and farm animals. Wildlife makes up most of this category. Adoptions are down 50% from last April, and New Hope is down.

Died in shelter went from 45 up to 224!! In 2005 it was 27. That's 9 times more other animals dying in the shelter in one month than before Boks was the GM. DOA is double last year and euth is up over last year.

Here are the live release numbers for other animals who left the shelter alive:

2007 303
2006 373
2005 753

450 fewer other animals made it out alive in April than in 2005, that is, 60% fewer animals.

The story about Manatt Phelps and Phillips supporting Boks is unfolding. They are hosting an event for the public policy forum Town Hall, where Boks will speak about his goal to make Los Angeles the first major metropolis with a ‘No Kill’ policy. They did not mention he'd do that by about 2045.

Seems Villraigosa may be calling in favors to protect Ed; I don't know why. Lisa Sprecht seems to be his unofficial PR person, or Deborah Weinberg, their public relations person.

Since he has the whole firm behind him, unless he is blowing the department's entire 2007, 2008 and 2009 budget hiring them, it is the Mayor--who, I might also say, just fell on his butt when it came to controlling LAUSD.

This is interesting and probably good and bad news. Good news is that Villaraigosa is desperately trying not to fall on his face again after his LAUSD beating, which means Boks is tittering on the edge of extinction; Boks is no longer under Villaraigosa's radar. The bad news is they are bringing in the 16" cannons.

See you at the Town Hall meeting?


Anonymous said...

You're funny! 2045, indeed. Boks will spin his usual yarn for the masses, thank the Mayor, applaud himself, spin the numbers and mislead the media. Even though the euth rate will now go up, Boks will say that more animals are being saved than ever before! Intake is up which is a b ad thing but in his blog he says he's "rescuing more animals!" like it's a good thing. Taking an animal in off the street, shoving it into a crowded cage, letting it get sick then euthanizing it is not "rescuing" the animal. To me rescue means saving it's life. This guy could spin shit into gold.

If he were around during Nazi Germany, he could have been Hitler's PR person. Instead of imprisoning people in internment camps, he would have said they went to fat camps and spa retreats to exercise and diet. Instead of having cruel medical research and surgeries done to them, he would have said they had the best medical treatment available! He could have said that Hitler actually "rescued" the Jews. It's all in how you say it. Boks knows that.

Anonymous said...

So, there's funding and incentive to hire a PR firm to spread propaganda concerning Boks false success, but no PR firm to orchestrate animal adoptions.

It's time to toss rotten eggs at this self-seeking clown.