And then there was One

Dr. Cristo, the invisible LAAS vet, has resigned; Rainey had resigned some time before. We are down to one vet, Dr. Steve Feldman.

I have known Dr. Feldman for some time. Formerly he was my own private vet. I had suggested many times he might look into submitting an application to work in LAAS. This was a mistake. I lost a good vet.

He was not interested for a long time. One day a few months ago he had a change of heart. He is now the Acting Chief Vet of LAAS. Of course at this point he is the only vet at LAAS.

We all tend to be rather negative about anything that happens within LAAS, but Feldman is making a difference.

He conducts frequent training seminars for the ACTs using videos available on the Internet and elsewhere, such as the on-line classes from Davis. He also creates his own Power Point presentation classes. He is outfitting the new surgery suite at East Valley.

He is updating the parasitology aspect of LAAS treatment. He has added two RVTs. He is the person who confirmed that anesthesia prior to euthanasia should be the universal protocol and is implementing the same.

As a personal aside, Dr. Feldman has euthanized two of my cats over the years. Their deaths were the least traumatic of any that I have ever been through. Two cats, Momma and Mr. Gray, appeared to almost welcome death at his hands. There was no anxiety. There was no fear. They did not even start for a moment when he administered the anesthetic while I was holding them. Their deaths were very peaceful.

He works 11 hours a day and is quite happy feeling he is making a difference in upgrading the medical function of LAAS. AND, he is the only vet.

He says LAAS is on the verge of hiring two new vets and regarding the ones who resigned, he will say nothing. We do have a chance to start over.

Dr. Feldman has over 20 years of private practice. His own specialty is behavioral medicine and rehabilitation. Take a look at his previous private practice website:


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