Boks' Shifting Statistics

Part of LAAS's shifting statistics is warehousing animals and another is inventing new categories which he says makes the statistics more transparent and accurate. The latter results in endless republishing of statistics so no one can depend on any number for analysis.

Yet other massive changes, like the disappearing neonates, have no rational explanation.

Someone who knows Ed well speaks for him:

"In our continuing efforts at increasing our transparency, starting with the April 2007 report, we break down the former "Stolen" category into three more precise categories. Animals still showning in the "Stolen" category had a police report for the theft. Animals for which the outcome is not certain due to inputing errors or other techie problems are simply "Missing." We then added a few more unprecise categories which are also not "Euthanized" but some other condition. These new categories include the following: "Abducted by aliens," "Spontaneous combustion," "Struck by lightning," "Kidnapped by the Russian mob," "Ran away to join the circus," "Transferred Lord only knows where," and the ever popular "Animal signed consent form to be used in animal research." Consequently, LA is now the first large municipal City to become "NoKill""!

Honestly yours,
Ed Boks

PS: Blogger appears to be allowing me to post comments once again. I have deleted one Son of Naysayer comment because she just wants to yell at people and say how ignorant, stupid or blind they (me) are. Dear Son, get your own blog!

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