Boks Stuffs Shelters; County is Empty Because Mayeda Kills them Quicker

Proof Boks is stuffing the shelters:

Being held today:Check Spelling

LA City Dog (921) LA County (697)

LA City Cat (843) LA County (491)

LA City Other (423) LA County (40)

La City's six shelters are holding 50% more animals than the county's six shelters, even though county impounds 80% more animals.

This means Boks is holding on to the animals, which gives them a greater chance of living--this is good. But it is not helping adoptions at all.

Of course Marcia Mayeda doesn't worry about space. She considers the vast majority of cats coming in as unadoptable because of being too young, too sick or too aggressive to live. She kills all non-adoptable animals and 10% of the adoptable. She kills more animals than LAAS has impounds.

LAAS now has a policy of not accepting feral cats. They no longer rent out traps. They do not accept cats brought in by trap. I think this is wonderful news. It means fewer are killed even though it might exacerbate the overpopulation problems on the street. If LAAS and rescuers can spay/neuter more ferals, it will balance out.

In the meantime, it diminishes the worry of colony managers who are constantly harassed by homeowners and business with threats of trapping the cats and taking them to the shelter.

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Anonymous said...

So you think it is wonderful news that the shelters no longer take ferals. So now what happens to these cats? There will be such an uproar before this is over. Can't you people understand that the cats in the shelters came from the public taking their time to bring them in because the public in general doesn't want these cats on the streets? So now what does the public do, shoot the cats, poison them, dump them in the desert? All this means is even more horrible suffering. Don't you people ever get outside your own front door?