Winograd Says LAAS' Failure Starts with the Mayor

Nathan's entire response to Bickhart's defense of LAAS' and Boks' failure is in my previous May 8 post below.

But the central point he makes clear is that LAAS' failure starts at the top, with Villaraigosa, and extends down to many LAAS staff.

Villaraigosa told Nathan saving animals was not a priority to him. Nathan responded that it is for the majority of voters in LA. That is why Winograd did not consult--there was no will to change.


"But know this: Los Angeles is failing to achieve No Kill not because it is unique or different from San Francisco, Tompkins, Charlottesville, and now Washoe County (Reno). It is failing because the political will does not exist to achieve success."

When I met with the Mayor over one year ago, he told me that saving animal lives was not a priority for his administration. He told me that he would rather focus on education and police services. (I have news for Bickhart and the Mayor: saving the lives of animals is a priority for a majority of his constituents.)"

"But, in the end, that is why Los Angeles is failing. And it will continue to fail as long as those in power fail to take responsibility for the killing occurring under their watch."

"But that is the way of bureaucrats: to disparage the success of others in order to deflect blame for a failure that is theirs, and theirs alone."

We need to take the lead and let Villaraigosa know we will not tolerate any more failure by Villaraigosa, Blackman, Boks, Bickhart and Animal Services. Let us make them develop a will to change.

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