There are 400 cats in the EV shelter. Help!!!

From a rescuer:

"GET THIS -- I spoke with an employee yesterday who told me they have FOUR HUNDRED CATS at East Valley.

I asked where these four hundred cats are, and the employee said, "oh, they are in lots of different rooms." Many of them are nursing moms and kittens in the back area. .....

BREED and OTHER RESCUERS NOTE: Bengal mix, Lynx-Point Siamese, white Angora, and a beautiful Polydactyl. And apparently three hundred and ninety six more cats/kittens.

Look. This is a triple A emergency. This is why Boks can't take any more. Rescuing these cats now is of upmost importance.

Imagine a Lynx-Point Siamese, Angora, and I'll bet, 200 Tuxedos.

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