This is a nasty situation.

The East Valley shelter just open up and they are filled to the brim. As of 3:00 p.m., they are holding 525 animals. The link below takes you to a listing of the animals available at the shelter.

Forwarded to me:

It has been open only 2 weeks and already the shelter is starting to bust at
the seams. I know everyone is packed. Now that the neighborhood sees how great the facility looks, they are dumping there animals in non is frightening.

The animals need your help. If you cannot pull, please cross post widely.

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Anonymous said...

This is a direct result of lying to the public. While Boks, the Mayor's Office and the media all purport that Boks has nearly achieved "no kill," the animals are suffering the consequences of those lies. The public sees a fountain or a sculpture at the pounds, and they think the animals must have it made inside if there's money to burn on artwork. Little do they know that Boks does not have a no kill plan and never has. Unbeknowst to the public our animals are in a state of emergency. While Boks is off riding his bicycle.