Boks Refuses to Post his April Statistics; is There a Coverup?

This is the umteenth request for the April statistics that I have made over the past two weeks. The below was sent by email this morning to Linda Barth and Debbie Knaan:

We have been waiting weeks for the official and total LAAS April numbers to be posted on the LAAS website. Mr. Boks, on May 7, announced on his blog that LAAS had had spectacular success in April and thought you all would be eager to share LAAS' April numbers.

Yet despite several persons asking him for this information, and despite his statement that not posting the numbers was simply an oversight, and that they would be posted last Friday, the April numbers have not been posted.

I also understand that Mr. Boks is out of town now, but he was not when he promised to post the numbers this past Friday. I emailed a request last week to both his city email address and his private address. I find it difficult to believe that he could not call either of you, or whomever is in charge of your website, to post those numbers. Or, the statistics could have been emailed to those who requested them.

As both of you have access to these numbers, I request you post them or email them to me, and to the others who have requested those numbers, for a timely independent analysis.

Since I last posted a request for statistics, I have received the following anonymous email:

He may try and change the stats now that you've given him a heads up. Rumor has it that he has already asked a staffer to change some of the numbers; the request was refused. But then a senior department staffer approached this person. I don't know what happened. Can't confirm this yet; just a rumor from inside.

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Anonymous said...

Something is very wrong for him not to post his statistics. He brags about how Maddie's Fund says he's the king of transparency, not any more.

Why is Boks running away to Sacramento to grab the lime light of AB1634 when he should be here saving LA's animals. He should send the public info officer instead. Maybe they should just transfer Boks to that position and let Knaan run things. Boks is a better spin doctor than director.