Boks Fails to Post April Statistics; Will This be the Worst April Ever?

Generally Boks posts the department's statistics a few days after he posts his glowing reports on the 6th of the month.

His blog mentioned the wonderful April outcome, but he never posted the raw statistics for curious readers--like myself--to do an independent analysis. Without independent analysis, we are getting no more than his opinion of how the shelters made out that month.

Therefore several of us suspect this will be the worst April in years, with adoptions down, died in shelter up, intake up, and with stats that show many more animals were being impounded than left the shelter, meaning they were piling up inside, which I have been hearing in email after email.

Therefore, I ask readers to email Mr. Boks asking where are the COMPLETE April statistics?

Is there a Council review coming up where he doesn't want to be questioned about a very poor April performance?


Anonymous said...

March statistics were out on the 8th of April. Those were his "good" statisticcs. They were "good" because he just warehoused the animals. That's how he was able to not euthanize them, he just kept them. He most certainly didn't adopt them out or return them to their owners. The statistics are clear about that.

If April numbers were truly good, he would have released them midnight May 1. The numbers are done the second after the last day of the month. It's automatic. You just have chameleon print out a crystal report, push a button, that's it.

I'll make a projection. Cat adoptions will be down, dying in shelter will be up, he may not euth as many as last April because he will just hold onto them. Keep in mind that in 2006 he was also doing the warehouse trick. That trick only works once really because then the next year you are comparing yourself to an artificial number from the year before. It will be difficult to improve on that number.

Anonymous said...

Boks had the numbers May 7 if not sooner. He is intentionally not sharing them with the public. Some transparency. Maybe he'll only share annual numbers because his monthly numbers are so bad.

I just looked at his blog post about this. He said impounds are up 5% in April. He said the new bill will address this. The prevous GMs had less money, fewer employees and smaller shelters yet intake went down consistently as did euth, and they weren't warehousing. They had no new bill to help them. No new shelters to fill up.

He says adoptions are down in April. This I believe. He says euth was down in April, compared to what? April 2001? He said 2007 will be another stellar year. Like 2006 was? No thanks! How can this charlatan get away with this?

Anonymous said...

Boks has typically permitted the release of new totals on Fridays just before each month's first Commission meeting. It is odd the numbers have not been published yet. I suspect the April numbers will look much like last year's.... and the year before that.

Boks might have good reason for not providing me animal records showing intake type and outcome reasons as requested. We just might find discrepancies in the totals published online.

-Brad Jensen

Anonymous said...

This is what the website says. He's supposed to post monthly numbers. He promised City Council that he'd do this.

"These reports are updated every month and show Intake and Outcomes for various categories of animals over time including the most recent month"

The numbers must suck. He prefers to just post misleading distortions of the numbers on his blog.