If Only Boks Had Been This Active a Year Ago

It seems a fire has been lit under Boks' Butt.

If only he had been this active 16 months ago in actually saving animals, perhaps 500 or 1,000 more could have been saved which would have allayed some of the negativity currently directed his way. But he did not.

Perhaps a year ago he could have hired new vets, or made an arrangement with a vet school. But he did not. We are down to two when there were four when he came.

Perhaps a year ago he could have hired his two AGMs and things would have started moving more quickly. But he did not.

Perhaps a 16 months ago he could have been analyzing why LAAS was not moving more quickly to No-Kill instead of crashing a Winograd event to announce his short-term success. But he did not. In fact, a four year record of saving 3,000, 4,000, 6,000 more animals each and every year was reversed. Actually 751 fewer animals made it out alive during 2006.

Perhaps a year ago he could have pushed all the adoption programs he is now pushing instead of chasing women or spending so much time defending himself against any and all criticism.

Perhaps 12 months ago he could have called the animal community together for a fireside chat telling them the problems and sticking points he was finding and involving them as partners in finding solutions. He could have been inclusive. But, he did not. Instead we got monthly stunning progress reports until August, after numbers had turned South for two months.

This is probably a case of far too little, far too late. Let us see how the May, June and July numbers play out. I predict that by June all his gains will be reversing, and by December, we will be back almost where we started, but with a much larger inventory of animals on hand.

Too bad the monthly statistics do not reveal the number of animals on hand, as they now do in Maricopa County in partnership with Maddies.

Too bad, so many lives wasted, and an already weak reputation destroyed even more.

Well, Boks does appear to have a new PR person since I left: Miki Shaler. Let's see where this goes.


Anonymous said...

Yes, instead of supporting and praising Boks, everyone should have been lighting a fire under his ass. All he did was have fun in 2006, do some press, redo the website and tout himself. I still can't believe that this nokill king couldn't get the euth rate down.

Anonymous said...

With Ed Boks as GM of LAAS this is a time of mourning. He should be so ashamed of himself for sacrificing the lives of the animals to suit his inflated, yet insecure, ego. It's criminal, and no amount of lying can make it otherwise.

We cannot allow him to continue to sacrifice animals for his self-seeking agenda. The animals are depending on us to help them.


Anonymous said...

As a rescue group volunteer, we personally saw a very pregnant pitbull mother in South Central when picking up a dog. The following week, we were back in there getting another one, and there she was in labor! Well Boks comes into the area and the second he sees her he says "take her in the back and abort the puppies immediately!" which they did THEN, but could have done weeks earlier. So what was left was the hollow shell of a once-pregnant expecting mother who wouldn't eat or leave her cage and was so saddened by the loss of her children. Luckily she was pulled before Ed could send her to the same horrible fate...

Anonymous said...

That pregnant pit bull story makes me sick.

Boks has always been about self-publicity, and though he should be hiring vets, he is hiring public relations people. Work on your image by making progress Ed, not by bullshitting everyone! He should realize that isn't working for him anyway.