Further Boks Failures

Ed Boks gave us numbers on the decrease in kill of cats and dogs in 2007 vs. 2006, January through March.

But what about "Other Animals; i.e., hamsters, birds, turtles, snakes, etc.?

A brief looks at the January-March 2005-2007 stats on the LAAS website shows:

Left the shelter alive 2005:..........704 .............63%
Left the shelter alive 2006:.........855...............54%
Left the shelter alive 2007:........ 467................34%

388 fewer other animals left the shelters alive in 2007

AND, the save RATE fell from 63% to 34%!!

Died of Illness/Injury 2005: 50
Died of Illness/injury 2006: 178
Died of Illness/Injury 2007: 374

196 more animals died of disease in 2007
versus 178 in 2006
and 50 in 2005.

The death by disease and injury was higher 748% than Stuckey’s first 3 months.

This is what happens when you hold animals longer: euthanasia goes down, but death by disease increases.

268 more cats and dogs left alive in 2007 than the year before, but 388 fewer "Other Animals" left alive in 2007, meaning overall,

Boks saved 120 fewer lives during the 1st quarter of 2007 (129 if you count rabbits.)

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Anonymous said...

Fewer animals leave the shelter alive while Boks boasts that it is "the lowest euthanasia rate ever!" He is doing the worst job ever yet is claiming that he's doing the best job ever. That is delusional! How can he get away with this?