Boks Numbers Manipulation? Part III

The last part of the allegation that Boks manipulated animal disposition statistics goes like this:

Boks approached Napa Dumriwat, who worked on both Chameleon and the LAAS website for administrative IT. She made all changes and updates on both programs. He asked her for the website access codes many, many times, and she refused many, many times.Napa complained to LA's main IT (information technology) person about Boks asking for the website user name and pass code. She may have complained to Dov Lesel.

It is alleged Boks also asked her for the Chameleon access name and password. When refused, Boks ordered Linda Barth to get the access and password information. What happened at this point is unknown to me even by rumor.

Why Boks wanted access is also a mystery. Could it have been to change input entries on Chameleon, or to edit past predictions and expressed info on the LAAS website?

If you belong to a service that provides change information on blogs, you’ll find that Ed edits archived posts every week. Why he is editing posts no longer visible is beyond me, except, perhaps to change predictions or modify statements he made about statistics in the past.

In summary, it is alleged that Boks manipulated the NYC Chameleon numbers to make it appear NY was doing better than it was. The whistle blower stated "they" left their jobs because of his deceptions.

There is a similar charge here, including the specific name of Napa Dumriwat, who refused Boks access to these programs. Ed then turned the task over to Linda Barth, his administrative AGM.

We know he knows the Chameleon software backwards and forwards as he was in charge of the Arizona Chameleon application rewrite program. I have found no reference for this doing a google.

Therefore, Ed has the technical knowledge of the software to change the outcomes if he wanted. He certainly has the motivation. But it is unclear if he had the opportunity to change the Chameleon disposition numbers or add or delete entries when LAAS recently added the category of "adopted to foster--or if he even ever did so.

The April statistics were posted weeks late, purportedly to add the new disposition category. It would also have allowed Ed the time—if he wanted—to delete or add hundreds of entries in Chameleon.Of course, this is all just speculation. On the other hand, knowing how Boks works, I tend to always assume the worst.


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