Yet Another Clarification on the New Policy

If Ed backpedals any further on his new policy by yet another "clarification," soon the department will be accepting owner and non-owner turn ins, 24/7, of any kind of neonatal cat, cat, dog, cow, mule, mink, fox, squirrel, insect, reptile and mollusk, no questions asked. Staff will even give them a thank you note. Of course, this is what Ed says, but the shelters will still be turning away animals as they were two months ago.

Imagine, even Scott is outraged.

There is no way now for Ed to avoid a July kill-off of epic proportions. At least now he is actually doing things he should have been doing 15 months ago.

He is transferring animals to West LA; a policy change. I hope it works; we all hope it works.

Boks is bashed enough; time to rescue the animals or set them free in Griffith Park with five staffers as shepherds.

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