Bos as a More-Kill GM


How dare Ed Boks give a talk on No-Kill next week. He has no idea of how to do no-kill.

Boks says LAAS has made great strides since he came in terms of modernization and lowered euthanasia and he is being unfairly criticized by arm chair fanatics.

But the posted statistics on the LAAS site reveal:Animals dying in the shelter from disease and injury have increased more dramatically than the drop in euthanasia.

Cats and Dogs died in shelter for the past 12 months is 812.Died in shelter the year before Ed came was 620.158 more cats and dogs have died of disease and abuse this past year than under Stuckey.

Rabbits euthanized during the past 12 months is 500; two years ago under Stuckey, it was 159.341 more rabbits were euthanized.

He killed 137 more ├┤Other Animals¤ during the past 12 months, than under Stuckey.

754 more ├┤Other Animals¤ died of disease or overcrowding this past year than the comparable year under Stuckey (1,206 vs. 452).

Therefore, the died in shelter from disease, abuse and euthanasia of rabbits and others during the past 12 months is 1,391.

1,391 MORE ANIMALS DIED DURING THE PAST 12 MONTHS THAN UNDER STUCKEY, completely offsetting the gains made in cutting dog and cat euthanasia!

And what about those cats?

Rescuers tell me there are so many cats in EV that the cages are stacked so high you canْt see the cats in the top cages.

There are even more cats stuffed into two rooms not open to the public.Why on earth is Boks doing this? Those animals will never be adopted.

He is only storing them to make his numbers look better.

The cats get URI repeatedly, and he euthanizes them after the third treatment.

His strategy of storing animals is causing an extreme rise in the number dying in the shelter and will result in a huge euthanasia kill off because the cages canْt hold any more animals.Boks is actually substantially worse than Stuckey.

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