Boks Bounces Back!

Ed has posted four new Rumor vs. Truth posts on
His responses sound plausible, but I don't know how truthful.

He states neonatals and nursing moms are not excluded by his new restricted hours for owner turn-ins. I guess they are not considered owner turn-ins, even if they were turned in by owners. He didn't state this in his policy announcement.

But he is turning away neonatals as there were considerably fewer impounds this past May ccompared to 2006, 233 to be exact. This can only be explained by a very slow kitten season or turning them away.

I agree with his new limited turn-in hours. Naysayers will say more will die on the streets, but dying is dying, whether by truck or by euthanol, and it is mere speculation on the naysayers' that accepts only the worst case scenario as an outcome.


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Anonymous said...

Most people already lie about owning an animal when they dump because they're embarrassed that they're an irresponsible uncaring pet owner. Now more will just lie, and then they'll have to hold them even longer. Anyway you look at it, this new policy is not good.