Brad's Challenge Renewed

Boks claimed that he brought the first municipal shelter to no-kill in Arizona when he was there. That would be either 2002 or 2003. Winograd definitely brought a municipal shelter to no-kill in 2002 in Ithaca.

Since Boks killed 51% of the animals impounded in Maricopa Co. in 2003, how can he claim to have have brought any shelter to No-Kill?

I understand Maricopa Co. has two shelters and an adoption center. He claimed he brought one of the shelters to no-kill, not the entire county.

I want to reissue Brad Jensen's challenge to Boks to supply all of the Maricopa County's statistics for the time Ed was there--for all shelters and adoption centers. Brad will study and render a verdict. I'll publish the results.

Ed, this is the challenge. Will you accept, or will you avoid comment altogether?

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