Animal Shelter Tells Mason to Go to Hell

Despite the fact det. Linda Ortega said she'd return Mason's confiscated records within a week, nothing has been returned to Ron nor has anyone told him anything about when they'd be returned.

His cages and trap still have disappeared.

Five confiscated cats supposedly at the East Valley Shelter and South LA were never brought to West Valley were Mason lives despite promises they will be. Who knows whether they are alive or dead?

Ron got three of his cats back, Muffin, Burt and Garfunkel.

They killed Johnny, the old skinny cat rummaging for food underneath the cops feet shown in the City TV35 raid. They said he was FIV.

Ron showed up with Valley Cats on Tuesday to point out which cats were his, and to for them to adopt out 6 of his cats. They were fought by LAAS staff for four hours trying to get them released because they were being suddenly held for spay/neutering even though it had been arranged to release them way ahead of time to Valley cats. However, all the cats had already been fixed.

Ron was told that as of Friday, all of his confiscated cats were being released for adoption to New Hope partners despite the fact he has not released them to LAAS. They also told him they were not going to tell him which New Hopes take the cats.

This allows them to kill the cats. Three months in small cages and now they can be killed because no one can follow where they are or who took them. Remember, Ed refused to turn over any impound records to Mason or to the public.

Boks transparency is a lie! They still have Boks' unbelievable defense of the ACTF raid on Mason's house posted on the LAAS wensite. They arrest him for a felony, kill more than half his animals, and yet no charges are ever filed against him. Still, Boks insists it was a good bust.

Mr. Boks, get prepared for a new request for public records on the Mason raid cats, including all impound, treatment and disposition information.

From one lawyer I talked to, apparently Animal Services, SPCAs, and County or Muni shelter can just get away with doing what they did to Ron: Invade his property, kill his cats, not give him a list of seized cats, not give him a postseizure hearing, not release confiscated records, not tell him the disposition of his cats, not return his traps and cages, just because they can. Who is going to stop them?

A lawsuit is expensive and the payoff minimal. They can arrest anyone they want for almost any reason as long as you cannot prove malice. They can take your animals and kill them, and after a long lawsuit, they might have to pay you $200 per animal.

Even though the hearing officer said the raid appeared staged for the media, even that does not cut much when it comes to a lawsuit.

Everyone of you out there is at risk of harrassment or worse at the hands of Boks' private police force---everyone of you, unless you can prove malice or a civil rights violation.

Astounding, isn't it?

It seems Boks and the Mayor's Office have decided to declare war on the Los Angeles Animal Community.

Ed Boks and Jim, you guys think you can get away with anything! You think you are above the law because you are the law. You break the rules of arrest, ignore penal code 597.1 even while you arrest people for alleged violations of this same code. Maybe you are for now. But get your records ready.



Anonymous said...

This is so fucking frustrating. There is no way to make the city follow the law. Laws mean nothing unless you have a ton of money and a crack attorney. You have to pay just to enforce your own rights. This is not right.

I can only hope they do adopt them out but I bet most are dead and they're just saying that.

He could sue in small claims for cages, traps, medicine.

Anonymous said...

NO! Muffin is DEAD.

Anonymous said...

This starts to look like the whistleblower who said that they had lost cats was probably right.

They're trying to hide their own incompetence with more incompetence -- incompetently.

Besides, why would a cat have to be killed for FIV?

They are all so evil. Every one who is doing this, and every one who participates in it and helps cover it up is just plain evil. To the core. I hope there is a God because they, every single one of them, deserve to be punished. I hope they are.

Anonymous said...

Commenter #2

Normally I think people like you should be ignored, simply because you only do what you do to get attention.

But (although I know you haven't got the capacity to actually DO this) it might be useful for you to ask yourself why you take time out of your day to search for blogs that legitimately try to make things better for animals in LA only to spend more time throwing rocks like a scared 10 year-old. Are you afraid that if people like Ed Muzika succeed you'll have to find a new job? Do you have such abysmal self-esteem that the only way you can feel better about yourself is to tell yourself that abusing animals makes you superior to them?

Whatever your sickness, you can't spread it here. We aren't perfect, but we are thankfully immune to your sickness. You can't pull us into your sad place, because we don't make ourselves feel better by hating animals, but by looking after them.