Boks Defense of the Mason Raid Continues. An oversight?

Despite the Mason case being over, with no charges ever filed by either the District Attorney or the City Attorney, Ed Boks' defense of the Mason felony animal abuse bust is still posted on the LAAS website LA Animal Services’ statement regarding a recent animal cruelty arrest. Seems kind of silly that Boks continues to defend a bust the hearing officer said appeared "staged."


Anonymous said...


He will take that down, or at least he should. That report really makes it seem like Mason was totally set up.

Anonymous said...

Wait -- the HEARING OFFICER said the bust seemed "staged"????!!!!

Ed, tell us the whole story, it appears we're missing quite a tale here!

Anonymous said...

Boks is only embarrassing himself by this statement.I feel sorry for him. He really needs some kind of moral ,perhaps psych intervention.

Anonymous said...

The bust was staged, totally staged. There's no way anyone can not realize that. They'd known about Mason for years. He asked them to take some cats before but they refused. LAPD inside edition wants to do some video. They'd been asking to shoot the ACTF. Daily News wanted to go along on a bust too. So, they decided to set Mason up.

He asked them again to take cats. They said no. Instead they bust him. They knew he just had too many cats, that's it. Who better to bust than some poor person with no friends. It made for good video for the City as far as the general public is concerned.

Cats were killed, evidence destroyed, files lost. They wanted him to bend over and plead guilty. He didn't, because of Muzika and others who helped him.

Look at the video of the bust on youtube. A mental health professional showed up and said "we will help this person. They are mentally ill. We will give him counseling, medication." That person never even spoke to Mason. They still have never contacted him. There was no real offer of help. It was all bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, WE know it was staged. WE'VE been saying that for months.

But for the HEARING OFFICER to say it, in court??? That's big. That's accusing two (or more) major City departments - LAPD and LAAS of serious misconduct.

That's huge, people. I want to hear the whole story. Boks (and no doubt Chief Bratton and criminally negligent Antonio Villaraigosa and his stooges) want Ed to shut up. But Ed NOT shutting up is what finally stopped this. Us calling, and being treated like idiots, but still persevering, stopped this.

We shut up and Boks will continue his killing spree.

Anonymous said...

Boks says Mason is mentally ill. Boks is mentally ill. He is a pathological liar. First he said there is no vet crisis. Later he said "the dept was in a crisis because of lack of vets. I solved the problem!" Which is it?

The City knows Boks has major mental problems which is why he's going to a City paid psychiatrist. This man drinks until he passes out. He has black outs and can't remember what he did. He drives drunk, goes to City events drunk. He is messed up.

Anonymous said...

another thing, Boks has been talking about himself in the third person on his blog. His blog is "From the desk of Ed Boks" and he signs his posts "Ed Boks" but he talks in the third person. "Ed is great, he is sooooo smart and compassionate, he was a priest, ya know." That's mental illness.

I'm starting to think Boks wants to get caught lying, messing up so he can get fired/"resign"/get another lifetime achievement award. LA awarded Stuckey when they gave him the boot out the door. They'll do the same with Boks. Can't have a Director appointed by Villaraigosa look bad because it reflects on the Mayor and City. Remember, the main purpose of every person in the City is to make sure the Mayor doesn't look bad. Balancing the budget, saving lives, protecting the public, improving transportation, reducing crime...nah, doesn't mean a damn thing. She lie, say you improved things, and don't let the Mayor look bad. He doesn't care what else you do.

Anonymous said...

Well Villaraigosa better wake up because he already looks bad -- extremely bad. And I did vote for him last time. I've only been involved in animal issues for a short time and I don't know one person who would ever vote for him again.

Come to think of it, I don't know ANYONE who'd ever vote for him again. And I run in a Demo-libero crowd. The only thing he's achieved with any kind of profile is the amateurish hiring of Boks, who, any bush-league background check would have discovered, had already been fired in two major municipalities. For God's sake, a free Google search would have given him all the info he needed on Boks.

That, and a personal life matched only by Newt Gingrich (including stepping out on a cancer-stricken wife) is all Antonio Villaraigosa has achieved. He, and Blackman, and Bickhart, and all the bad advisors had better get used to the 213, because they're not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

People will remember Villaraigosa for leaving his cancer sticken wife and family once, leaving his wife and young kids again, cheating on his wife, lying to his wife and the public all for a little affair. Does everyone here realize that Villaraigosa left his wife the first time right after winning an election. He had an affair with the wife of a good friend and friend of Corina's. He just left town for three days after the election to be with the woman. And Corina took him back. She helped him on his last election and he started dating Mirthala right after he got elected. Piece of shit Antonio.

He wasn't that good with his campaign promises either. He said "the zoo is no place for elephants" and said he'd get the elephants out of the zoo. He then had to be forced to do so after one died.

He said he'd fire Guerdon Stuckey as soon as he was elected. He waited over four months to fire. He had to be forced to fire him. Then he hires someone else without checking his background at all. Boks says he made Maricopa nokill. He didn't do any such thing. All he did was lie about his statistics. He lied in New York about his statistics. He was fired from both places and left them a mess. LA is now a mess because of him.

Anonymous said...

Villaraigosa has been traveling all over to campaign for Hillary Clinton. He was in Iowa and New Hampshire campaigning for her. He is the mayor of Los Angeles for God's sake!!!! WTF? Can someone remind him that there are things that need to be done in our city? He is only interested in his political future, but hopefully we can nip that in the bud after his atrocious performance as mayor here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I used to think it was just a stereotype that people who got into politics or nominally public service governmental positions only did so for profile, perks and to get laid. It didn't make sense to me that people who had no interest in helping people (or, in Boks' case, animals) would work so hard to attain and keep positions where their JOB was to help people or animals.

Thank you Antonio Villaraigosa and Ed Boks, and your assorted sycophants, hangers-on and Troy Boswell, for setting me straight. Apparently (and yes I know this sounds naive) the ONLY reason people get in these jobs is to get paid, get laid, cheat on their spouses and scheme to get even higher-paid, higher-profile jobs. Actually DOING the job is clearly not something they're interested in, even if in the long run it would be easier and require less effort. They'd actually PREFER to screw up and cover up than do the right thing.

Just think about how much time Boks would save if he would just do the job he's paid for. Certainly he'd save the time he's spending right now scouring this and every other blog.

Just imagine what Villaraigosa could have done if he'd spent even a third of the time he's wasted philandering, lying and hiding behind Blackman and Bickhart - OUR TIME - doing good for our city.

Makes you want to throw up. But instead of doing that I'm going to keep the state and national Democratic Party numbers on speed-dial, so if I even hear a rumor that they want to run him I can call and explain that to know Antonio Villaraigosa is to never vote for him again.

I'd vote for a Republican instead. It'd kill me, but I would do it.

Anonymous said...

So, why in the hell didn't LAAS take the cats when Mason pleaded with them to do so, if they were only going to go out there to bust him for having too many cats?

Why isn't THAT part of the kick in the teeth being filmed and put into the City Channel and Animal Precinct?

What SHOULD BE on television all over the news and the animal planet is LA Animal Services REFUSING the cats and kittens and MASON being SENT BACK with FIVE litters of SICK KITTENS to care for ALL ON HIS OWN, with NO HELP!

What they SHOULD put on television are all the cats that WERE ALTERED and the fact that MORE KEEP COMING AROUND IN SPITE OF MASON"S EFFORTS TO TNR!

What should be on television is that EVERYONE who is doing TNR is at RISK for having too many damned cats to care for and NOT enough resources to care for them, except for the HUGE HEART that keeps breaking each and everytime one of them gets sick and needs to be taken to the vet.

What should be on television are ALL THE ALTERED CATS that were confiscated and ALL THE ONES THAT WERE UNALTERED AND LEFT BEHIND TO STARVE, BREED, and GET HIT BY CARS on the street because NOW the poor cats have to scatter the San Fernando VAlley in SEARCH OF FOOD, now that Mason is no longer permitted to feed cats outside his door!

TAKE THE FUCKING cats and leave the cat person alone when he tells you he cannot provide for these cats and he begs you to take the damned cats, or LEAVE HIM THE FUCK ALONE! Mason is the sweetest cat man I have ever met! AND GIVE HIM HIS FUCKING TRAPS back, so that he can continue to do his TNR!