Seizure Allegations Against County and SPCALA

I had been preparing a letter of complaint against Ed Boks and the ACTF to send to Jerry Brown, Attorney General, regarding failure to respond to Requests for Public Records, especially in the Mason case. ADL then sent me an email about Animal Precinct and their involvement with SPCAs in busts on "hoarders" and extorting large penalties from the "hoarders" and requiring three years of psychological treatment, just as Boks talked about in the Mason case.

A brief google search revealed a remarkable website pointing this out with respect to Bernstein's SPCA-LA, Marcia Mayeda and Ed Boks and involving the LA City Attorney's Office.

Once I put this together, and there is a lot of new info about Rocky Degadillo's attempt to get rid of an SPCALA rival humane organization, I will really have something to tell Jerry about.

The post:

GFN has obtained photos of the SPCA-LA kennels that depicts abuse and neglect of dogs. SPCA-LA begs and receives of $6,000,000 a year from the community. Yet D & D Disposal does massive pickups of euthanized animals. They have a very high poundage rate. They are NOT NO KILL.

They are attacking all no kill shelters and closing them down with the assistance of one of their board of director members from the city attorney’s office.[My note; this would be Don Cocek. He was on the SPCA-LA board, but is no longer.] GFN has received video tape of the gigantic WALK IN FREEZER (Like PETA’S 10’ x 14’ freezer) depicting SPCA-LA’s Tori Mathews proudly throwing the bodies of dead dogs and cats on a cart and dragging them into the walk in freezer.

Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee, Drew Barrymore, and many other stars in Los Angeles give and help raise millions of dollars for the SPCA-LA and PETA. The SPCA-LA murders thousands of animals.

Senior Citizens and The Los Angeles County Animal Control Officers

Animal Rights, SPCA/Humane Societies, PETA, HSUS all target Senior Citizens who own property and those who maintain large numbers of animals like pet stores, rescues, farmers and ranchers. It guarantees that the city/county/courts/ humane society/SPCA’s will be able to lien property to collect their judgment awards from the courts for ‘restitution’. Why do they want to seize large numbers of animals that they immediately have to kill?

[My note: Yes Mr. Boks; why do you "rescue" seize 59 animals and immediately kill them instead of treating them? You stated kittens with Rinotracheitis "often succumb even with treatment, but you killed them without even attempting to treat them, or I assume, find fosters to treat them.]

Most states now have a mandate fund that will pay them up to $1 million dollars for getting the victim on 3 years probation and under psychiatric counseling. Most of the animals are held for years so that all the cities and counties can also get larger shelters built from the monies from the Mandate Fund from the state and federal grants. This scam gives money to the seizing agency, the courts, the district attorneys and the city attorneys for driving up the percentage of prosecuted criminals in their area.

The judges know that Animal Control, SPCA/Humane Societies are reimbursed at the rate of $8.50 a day per animal from the State Mandate Fund. Why are they awarding outrageous amounts of money to these agencies? GFN was given 1800 pages obtained with the Public Records Act, of applications and payments to L A County Animal Control at $8.50 per day per animal.

In the 73 year olds case, 69 of those animals were euthanized the 3rd day, yet Sheri Koenig and Marcia Mayeda committed perjury upon the court during the restitution portion of the trial and demanded the judge award $800,000. from the victim.

It does not cost $8.50 per day to fed and care for a 2 pound dog, especially since they billed for 236 animals for two plus years when the animals were already dead and/or sold or given to rescues to take care of. Remember 69 were killed the third day. Many more dropped like flies from pneumonia because they were left in an open sided building. Like Zephyr?

Political Stepping Stones

What Has Happened To A Jury Of Our Peers?

Are these jurors hand picked before they are walked into the box so that no matter whom is eliminated the defense is still left with a jaded jury? Or, is it because the victim has been tried in the press for months or years prior the trial that they cannot receive a fair and impartial trial and end up with a tainted jury.

[Is this not what happened to Mason? City TV, the LAAS website and the Daily News all reported the same story about Mason. Mason is almost a senior who doe sown his home. He can and probably will be forced to pay "restitution" for his animals if he wants them back.]

District Attorneys and City Attorneys are NOT supposed to speak to the yellow press regarding the cases they are trying. Yet, that’s the first place they call because they know the case is bogus. They are in need of a political stepping stone to further their careers, plus the press generates dollars for that agency if the case is decided before it goes to trial.

The victims are usually forced through extortion to plead out, because they know a just, fair and reasonable trial is not forth coming. The DAs and CAs are involved because it’s news worthy and will further their careers. Their payoff in all of this is increased funding from state and federal grants for their city or county. They also gain favor with their superiors.

Why Do the Victim’s Attorneys Allow This Unlawful Behavior By the DAs And Courts?

A prominent West Los Angeles Attorney told GFN that he has to roll over on the Animal Cases because the Judges would never ALLOW him to win another case for his other clients in his 'Gentleman's Club' cases. He states these are his bread and butter. Are the judges so corrupt and powerful that they can throw the case, punish the attorney, and destroy that attorney’s career?

[Again, Mason can't get an attorney; no one will take the case without at least $20,000 up front.]

GFN interviewed six more prominent attorneys who confirmed this practice.

Marcia Mayeda Director of Los Angeles County Animal Control, was hired out of the Silicon Valley Humane Society (formerly Santa Clara Valley Humane). She pulls the same illegal stunts that she always pulled as a private 501(c)3. When they assault and batter the victims, the Sheriff's Office refuses to take a complaint. They instead file A & B against the senior women they beat and prosecute them with their lies and perjury. The prosecuting DA's lie and suborn perjury. The Los Angeles County DA's office needs to be investigated and indicted by a Federal Grand Jury.


Anonymous said...

Madeline Bernstein, the City Attorney and Mayeda are related. Bernstein is the pres of spcala. She works hand in hand with the city with Dan Cocek. She is also friends with Bob Ferber. They worked together to bust Angel Puss with Marcia Mayeda of LA County. Bernstein which is a private SPCA had city license plates for a while so they could park anywhere. Daugherty made a fuss and she lost her plates. Bernstein's officers carry guns. Their uniforms look exactly like LAPD but with a different patch. Bernstein is on the zoo board and was on wildlife waystation board. Both the zoo and waystation were committing animal crimes and she didn't care. She's in it for money. She has good contacts in government and with wealthy people. She uses that to get what she wants. She doesn't want there to be other SPCAs so she got the district attorney to state that we have enough. No, we don't. She is a piece of work, a scary one.

Anonymous said...

Madeline Bernstein is a witch that helped pick Stuckey to ensure that the city shelters would continue making her organization look better. Where are all the good people? We are certainly lacking them here. It's absolutely disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Killing cats and dogs to get prestige, money, and power. Unforgivable.

Anonymous said...

Is there a safe place to live with animals? Seriously, my whole life plan is to get a house and fill it up with dogs and cats and look after them. But hopefully not get assaulted, battered and arm-twisted out of my home. Is there anywhere safe to keep animals without getting targeted?

Anonymous said...

Those claims in that website were made by Marge Weems of Angel Puss. She also said her daughter was raped during the raid. She insists Marcia Mayeda herself beat her up during the raid. Then she has the nerve to say that the head of the Texas SPCA is a convicted kidnapper, rapist, not true. Marge Weems made up just about everything in that website link. She works with the professional cockfighters to try to destroy SPCAs.

Ed Muzika said...

This is not by Weems.

GFN is Gamefowl Newsletter. It is anti SPCA because PETA and various SPCAs go after various gamebirding businesses and organizations. But, they do well in gathering info that shows us things we need to know because the various SPCAs and the ACTF are not the friends we thought them to be.

The modus oparandi that GNF is exposing here re SPCA busts of "hoarders" is exactly what has happened to Mason. We expect they still will hold poundage fees against him and get a lien against his house. I said that from the first day.

This is a pattern of abuse by para military police organizations abusing their authroity and frigntening the entire rescue community.

Also the stuff coming out about how Bernstein is using the City Attorney's Office to force competing animal welfare groups out of business, and how County and Bernstein work together, is highly supportive of the message and facts GFN has presented here.

Ed Muzika said...

Look guys, I am not the New York times with a half dozen investigative reporters. I have a real job and can only spend an hour or two a day doing this.

People send me info they think I ought to know. In my mind I compare it with other info I have.

I do rudimentary fact checking and post it. This elicits other informants. Lots of "facts" sent to me are no more than speculations.

In every post I do post, I say I don't know whether the info is true or not. When it comes to numbers Boks puts out, those are easy to check and counter his spin.

But everything else is much harder.

If I had to check out every fact in depth before I published anything, I'd still be on post #80 instead of 430 or whereever I am now.

Remember, the City, County and the DA and CA have all the marbles. They are the only ones that really know all the facts and like Boks, they mangle numbers, create new categories, they seize cats and documents and they won't release this info to the public through Requests for Public Documents and they keep the animals captive for a long time.

I--we who want change-- are left with guessing what is in the "Black Box." The keepers of the Black Box aren't telling us anything.

That's why we-I just piece together random facts from reliable and unreliable informants, check the numbers Boks gives us compared to the numbers he have a year ago, etc.

Boks used to try to find the informants ADL was getting their info from. I know. I was there.

ADL had some very good info and some very wrong info. But they tried and I am trying.

In my mind this latest post could turn out to be a big deal no matter what the sources. I'll take it as far as I can and let you know all along the way what I find out or speculate.

Anonymous said...

Marge Weems is sending info to gamefowl news. Gamefowl news is a bunch of cock fighters. They don't like SPCAs because they get busted by them. The info Weems sent is about her case here in LA County. She was Angel Puss. She was busted three times, once by spcala and LA County, then by BHLE, then LA City. There is a court order against her.

Anonymous said...

If I recall from previous posts, Ron does own his house -- which fits the pattern Ed describes. Do they tend to bust homeowners more than renters?

Seniors are more likely to own their homes outright, so no bank would get in the way of a lien. Seniors might also not have access to good lawyers. And in the case Ed cites, eight dogs is not too many for one person to look after properly.

Also, it does seem counterintuitive to target seniors BEFORE going after dogfighters and serious abusers. I'm a pretty dedicated follower of the news and I haven't seen a dogfighting bust around here in ages. Does anyone believe that's not happening in gang- and drug-riddled L.A.?

And, as has been mentioned on this site before, seniors are easier targets. They can't fight, they're not dangerous, comparatively speaking, and should you be auditioning for television, you can pretend to be sympathetic as you're arresting them, charging them, slandering them, ruining their lives, and taking away their beloved companions. (as a side note, has anyone else noticed that it's no longer reassuring to watch Animal Cops, in light of Ron, et al?)

I've read some things about Madeline Bernstein which aren't very nice, but some of the information-providers in this sphere aren't too nice themselves. However, I have heard from a reliable source that she makes a quite hefty salary over at SPCALA. If true, there's something wrong with that picture. And please don't give me the canned "marketplace" answer about salary. Being a CEO of a Fortune 500 company is not the same as running an organization that's trying to shelter, feed and care for animals. Or at least it shouldn't be.

There are also a whole breed of people in L.A. that clearly want to derive glamor and self-aggrandizement from their very public "caring" for animals. But if you're doing it right there is zero glamor. How can you enjoy a big slobbery dog kiss if you're worried about your hair and makeup?

Anonymous said...

It makes sense. It's a heck of a lot easier and safer to go after an old person loner hoarder than some gun toting gang member fighting dogs. No brainer. They are picking the easy cases, defendants who can't afford lawyers who have no friends. They only care about their numbers, namely how many felony convictions. They charge people like Ron with a felony when he just had too many cats.

If I were a Humane Officer and just wanted it to look like I did a great job, I'd target old poor non-english speaking people. I'd charge them all with felonies. I'd scare them into pleading guilty so I wouldn't even have to do a real investigation or anything.

Anonymous said...

Don't take any info that comes from Marge Weems as truth. It took more than 10 years to get her Angel Puss rescue closed down. She is a liar, a fraud, has bred dogs so she could adopt out puppies, and her husband has been known to shoot and kill dogs on their property.

Meanwhile, a few years ago on either DATELINE NBC or some ABC Magazine show they did a piece about an SPCA bust in Houston, I believe. It was very much filmed like the MASON bust.

If people call the spcaLA for help with animal abuse situations, in most case they are told that the spcaLA can't help them. UNLESS it's a hoarding situation that can play out in front of TV cameras.

As in the DATELINE piece, every time one of these busts is shown on the news, it helps them raise more money. I've pretty much discovered if it's not newsworthy, the spcaLA is USELESS!!

Anonymous said...

This is another story about the SPCA of Texas. SPCA of Texas
has been seizing a bunch of innocent peoples animals for profit.
Dave Garcia of Dallas SPCA has increased seizures and fines in Texas
by 500 percent since he has been working with SPCA of TEXAS.

This Dave Garcia also lobbied the Texas goverment and they
passed a law where owners of seized animals can't appeal
they're decisions. This is not fair.

He seized animals all over the USA. They lie,cheat for the purpose
of lining their pockets. They'll show pictures of animals that
aren't even yours to promote their "cause".

We are powerless to stop them it seems. The story is the same..
They lie get warrants and then take you to court and present you
with a huge bill.

In my case the judge told me if I didnt' pay they'd put a lien on my house.
Harris County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, Position 1, Dale Gorczynsk
is this judge.

If you google SPCA and this judge you'll find out they're the stars
of the ANIMAL PLANET on cable TV.

How can this guy be impartial if he's on the TV program?

This is my story and this is one of hundreds that have happened in TEXAS.

SPCA came to our place last year about our Tx. Longhorns Cattle. We had about 14.
They accused us of not feeding them. We ended taking them to a auction where
we basically gave them away. That wasn't enough for SPCA. They went to all the places
I bought food for my animals checking up on us. I had a bunch of receipts
I could prove that I bought food. We gave the rest of the cows to a 300 acre farm
north of Houston. SPCA had a warrant to pick them up but we got them out of here
before they could take them. Once the cattle were gone they dropped the warrant.

Then a year later they show up out of the blue. That is what started them on my case.

They show up
here out of the blue. They go into my kennel where I kept some of my
yorkies. NO WARRANT! It was early in the morning and I hadn't done
my kennel duties because I was at the feed store buying food for my animals.

They tell my husband to have me call them that day. I called and called
and couldn't get ahold of the person who told me to call.


Then the next morning about 9 am here they come with like 10 cops
cars and a big livestock trailer. They come up here and show me
a warrant that just has someones initials on it no name. nO JUDGES SIGNATURE

They said on TV they were here 4 times. They weren't here for a whole year.
We did what they asked to do. We built new cages.

They kept telling us we weren't feeding them. (cows) Oh my husband owned
the cows and he was sick at the time with diabetes.. I was the one who
DID feed them every day. Anyway to make a long story short we
ended up selling them at a local auction and taking a huge loss just
to get rid of some of them. They went to all the places where I bought
food and asked them if I bought food. One FEED STORE told me they were getting
a warrant to seize the rest of our cattle. SO We moved them to another place
far from here to prevent them from taking them.

Once we moved them we didin't see them for a year. In the mean time
I started raising chickens for eggs and hatching eggs. I also started raising peacocks. I had peacocks I bought that were $500 each. Nice peacocks
and green color.

I had been starting to raise peacocks and chickens. I raised almost all
from eggs or babies. They got all of them!!

This was my livehood not to mention that I loved them too. I had moved
the peacocks from their muddy pens to a cement deck. It had rained and had
mud on it. They chased all my peacocks down to one end of this pen and took
a picture of them and said they were overcrowded. That pen was 14x48x34.

Last year they told me to put all my pet roosters in pens and there was
a lot of roosters in that pen. Little ones that weighed around 2 to 3 pounds

They never gave me a chance to do anything. Move some of the birds
or anything.

We go to court. I didn't have a attorney and they didn't offer one either.
I had talked to one who told me it would be $5000 up front. Well
you know you can't afford that on egg money.

They violated a bunch of my civil constitutional rights. In court the SPCA
presented me a bill for almost $24,000. The judge told me if I didn't pay
they would put a lien on my house. They told me if I gave them up
I'd still have to pay for the lab work.

Speaking of lab work.....The chickens and peacocks didn't have any diseases
and had no parasites. I knew that because I worm and take care of them.

They also took my yard dog. A Australasian shepherd that someone
gave me a couple of months ago to help protect my flock against predators.
The people who gave him to me got him from SPCA and he was heartworm
positive. I had one yorkie that was old and was heartworm postive and
also no worms found in the dogs.

I'm lost and have no income now.

I just thought it might be a good idea to revisit these theiving
bastards. We're not the only one that they're going after. They have too much power and need to be stopped.

Thank you for reading this and maybe you can help me or send me
a direction to get help.

Diane Falbe

Anonymous said...

SPCALA officers area joke. Each one related how they tried and failed to get hired by a So Cal police dept... who only hire an average of 3/100 applicants. I could not believe they were allowed to attend POST (Police Officer Standards and training) classes. Pocheco, I think it was, had a story about hurting his back. I didn't believe him, he wasn't one of "us", didn't reflect the 830.1PC police professionalism of a sworn.

A little digging around in the background investigators / training staff I know revealed he allegedly failed the MMPI, (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory).. the psyche test that sworn police officers must pass. It's a complex test identifying personality structure and psychopathology... basically if one is mentally grounded enough to carry a gun.

It's scary, these guys are unqualified wanna-bes, denied a real police job for not being one of the highly screened and tested 3%, but given police powers and guns anyway.