Animal Services Discontinues Spay/Neuter Certificates

What do you know? A few months after it becomes law that all pets have to be spayed neutered, Animal Services has just discontinued its spay/neuter certificates. An email went out to all TNR/rescue groups that participate that they have to be returned to the department.

No more discount spay/neuters.

On top of that, Value Vet is charging near top dollar for spay/neuter surgeries in West LA, and if they win the West Valley contract, they will be charging near top dollar in the Valley as well. Linda Barth has made quite clear she wants Value Vet to get the West Valley contract, where I am sure Value Vet will dispense the same level of crappy service it did for my cat Lakshmi.

This move will create a whole new class of lawbreakers: those who cannot afford to get their animal sterilized.

Here is the email:

I just would like to thank you for all your hard work and perseverance dedicated
towards the reduction of pet overpopulation and retention in the City of Los
Angeles via the spaying and neutering of animals and your continued
participation in the distribution of Discount Coupons.

As you know the City is currently facing a severe budget crisis which is going
to impact our Discount Coupon S/N Program. Unfortunately, due to the crisis, we
have to discontinue the Program for the remainder of this fiscal year which ends
June 30, 2009.

I will need to have any remaining Discount Coupon Books returned to me no later then March 13, 2009. Please return the books to the Public Counter of your designated Animal Care Center.

You must cease to distribute the Coupons today, March 11, 2009. Any Coupons issued by your organization after tomorrow will be the financial obligation of your organization. This gives you one day to recall the books from your volunteers out in the field.

I will keep you informed as to the status of next year's Discount Coupon Program.

Once again, thank you for assisting the Department with the distribution of Discount Coupons. Our joint effort has truly made a dent in the countless number of unsterilized animals in the City of Los Angeles.


Brenda J. Van Den Bosch
Spay/Neuter Program Coordinator
Dept. of Animal Services


Anonymous said...

One day's notice to get the word out to those helping LAAS distribute s/n vouchers that they must cease distribution or be financially responsible for them if used?

If Boks were any kind of man he'd pay for them out of his own pocket. He's spent enough time promoting s/n, pushing for a city mandate and making trips to Sacramento. (a lot of this on the taxpayer's dime I would venture to guess).

Brad Jensen

Anonymous said...

Totally 100% unacceptable. It is inhumane to mandate spay and neuter and not provide a way for people to comply. Unacceptable. The law was passed based on the argument that LAAS provided free and low cost vouchers. The law must now be repealed before even more people and animals are hurt. When is Ed going to go? This mis management has got to end.

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side. No money for spay/neuter also means no money for canvassing to penalize (sorry, but it's the truth) nelectful owners for not having their pets s/n.

The only losers are the unwanted kittens and puppies who turn into homeless cats and dogs to be killed at LAAS, thus ensuring job security for Ed Boks, Linda Barth, Brenda J. Van Den Bosch and all the rest of the uncaring incompetents of LAAS.

Just remember, the "man" who hired and refuses to fire Ed Boks wants to be Governor.

Anonymous said...

Where would one begin to get this law repealed?

Anonymous said...

To have the law repealed, you need to contact the L.A. city council. Demand that the law be repealed. The council PROMISED low cost/free spay/neuter would be provided with they passed the ordinance. They now do not. Demand that you be heard to the city council and they repeal the law effective immediately. It will send a big message to Chicago and the other cities going the wrong way down that road.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said the "good news" was no money for canvasing. That was never in the plan. Personal harassment is what will still take place. Someone in a/c demanding a citizen comply for personal reasons. Or neighbor disputes. If someone is called on it, the a/c will move forward and cite them. What happens if they can't afford to fix their animal? Even more fines are levied on them and they are charged with a misdemeanor and ultimately it gives a/c the right to take their animal.