Kitten Killing Up 33% During the Past 12 Months

Kitten impounds are up 38% during the past 12 months, with a kill rate of 62% including died in shelter.

During the past 12 months, 4,570 neonates were killed compared to 3,178 the year before. How is that for a foster program?

There was an increase of 1,402 neonate kittens impounded, and an increase of killing of 1,402, meaning a kill rate of 70% of the increased number of neonates.

There is no explanation of how the neonates came in, owner surrendered, found or feral.

What caused the 38% increase in kitten impounds? It doesn't seem like the mortgage crisis would have as much impact on kitten turn in as dogs, and the feral population is not impacted much by the foreclosures. We really need for the department to publish that data.

34,000 vouncers were issued, more than ever before, yet impounds are up dramatically. Why? Ed hasn't a clue apparently.

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Animal Watch explain it all for us? You do such a fine job of explaining everything else.