Buy VCA Stock Now

The price of a share of VCA stock has dropped under $18. This is the time to start buying. Average down by buying a few shares every month or two.

It five year low happened last November at a little over $14. It may get that low or lower again but you can never tell when the market or a particular stock will bottom.

On February 14 VCA (trade symbol: WOOF) announced a great last quarter 2008 and a very good 2008 overall. Briefly the stock went almost to $22 but the price has softened as had the entire market, which took VCA down with it.

I would buy VCA just to be able to have a voice during shareholder meetings here in Los Angeles, which is VCA's home. They own 450 vet practices and watching them, monitoring them can have an impact on the entire industry.

Get an online account with Scottrade and start buying.

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