Rogue Email With "Misinformation" Forced Boks to End Program Without Telling Council

Several previous posts have made clear Boks needs to blame everyone for his mistakes.

Concerning the spay/neuter voucher mess, he screwed up twice:

1.     ending the program;

2.     not talking to Council first.

This was the same deal with the Pitbull Academy. In that case, the major sin was not to have talked to Council first.

In his March 17 article, Rick Orlov writes:

Boks said he did not have time to provide advance notice to officials of his decision to suspend the voucher program.

"There was a rogue e-mail going around that I felt we had to respond to," Boks said. "There was a lot of misinformation that I wanted to correct, so I put out a message to the shelters. Then I informed the commissioners and city officials of what we were doing."

So Ed is blaming a rogue emailer for sending out MISINFORMATION that he needed to correct, and that’s why he ended the program immediately rather than going through communication channels. This does not make sense.

He does not identify who the rogue emailer is, nor what was said in that email that was the misinformation that he had to correct, and only then inform the Commissioners and City Officials what “we were [already] doing.”

Boks is making it sound like the program could have gone on for weeks more allowing plenty of time to go through channels except for that darn rogue email.

If there were an email that gave misinformation, you send out an email or post on Truth versus Rumor that there was an email with misinformation and then state what the facts were. You don’t state you were forced into a policy decision based on misinformation in someone else's email. This makes you look stupid. But this is what Boks said.

Now, what was the alleged misinformation? Ed never says what misinformation was being put out.

In fact, the email I had forwarded to me written by Brenda Bosch (which was posted earlier) on March 10, 25 hours before Ed’s statement of the voucher program’s temporary ending, gave exactly the same information as his March 11 flyer. As a matter of fact, it gives the exact same termination time for the program, March 11, as did Ed in his March 11 flyer.

So, can anyone identify who the mysterious “rougue emailer” is and the content of that email—especially the “misinformation” that forced Boks to immediately end the program without waiting even a day or two to contact Cardenas, Zine or Alarcon?


Anonymous said...

He's talking about the email from Brenda directing the rescue groups to return the vouchers, but you are correct. He hasn't come up with someone to blame for posting the "update" to the LAAS site from Boks claiming he was instructed by the council to revoke the vouchers. He's trying to fire Brenda and make her "take the fall." I'm assuming she'll want to join in on the lawsuit against Boks and the city...keep your paperwork Brenda.

Anonymous said...

Just a guess. Maybe the rogue email was that Boks was spending or already spent money that he did not have elsewhere. He had to cut money quickly somewhere that didn't need approval by anyone but himself. Or, he went over budget on something that he didn't want to come to light. So, he stops the coupons so he can shift that money to cover up the other over budgeted expense. Perhaps what he was covering up is worse than cutting coupons.

He did go over budget first year here drastically. They had to start using credit cards to buy food. In New York he went over budget so badly that he couldn't make payroll so he went and took a loan out at a bank in the name of the Dept without any permission. If Boks overspends, could he miss payroll here in LA? Isn't that paid out of a different fund? I sure hope so because Boks is such a bad %&#$ up that he could easily do the same here. Maybe he hired another exgirlfriend to consult and needed the money? Or his bar bill got really big. All just guesses. I have no idea. Boks lies so much it's hard to know what to believe.

Remember this lie? "I was not fired from NY! I just did not want my contract renewed." The commission voted 5-0 not to renew his contract. If he didn't want it renewed, why was it up for vote? Wouldn't you take it off calendar and just say Boks didn't want it renewed? The newspaper read "Department head fired by unanimous vote."

Later Boks admits in writing that he feared being fired all the time, he was looking for work two months before he was fired and the doozy, he admitted that he was indeed fired, all in writing. Later in writing he states "after I was fired, my best friend Gary Kaskel sued the City on my behalf." And of course "I didn't want my contract renewed because the Mayor hated me, so did the commission, the employees were lazy, they did not want to be nokill...." Sound familiar? It will.

Anonymous said...

The commissioners and councilmembers did not hear about the voucher coupons being suspended from Boks. They heard about it from rescuers, volunteers and the public. I know because when I called three councilmembers, they said they'd not heard that and they'd have to verify it first. What story will he think up next?

Anonymous said...

I heard last night that Boks is now out to blame Brenda... also something about him checking all of her emails. Brenda has been the one coordinating with the rescue groups for a decade now, regarding the s/n vouchers. Boks can't get much sleazier than this.

Anonymous said...

I bet Boks will blame Brenda. He always needs a fall guy.

Remember the Kapparot press release in which Boks makes antisemetic remarks? The rabbis got pissed off at him and called him. He then told the rabbis that someone else wrote the press release and made up his quotes. He said he never made those comments which is of course a total lie as he made those comments in email which ended up with United Poultry Concerns. Then he said the person who made up those "false" comments was an employee and he fired her because of the fake press release. The person who was fired was fired July 2006. They were fired because Boks did something very bad and wrong. The press release came out October 2006, after the person was fired for a completely different reason. Now Boks lies to rabbis besides councilmembers, lawyers, the Mayor...

Right before he gets fired here he will throw Jim Bickhart under the bus. He'll blame him for all his mistakes. He'll say "well, Jim said it was okay to do such and such. He never told me not to." Then Jim will be fired. Anyone who gets near Boks will be burned.

BoardWatch said...

(Sorry if this is a repost-not sure if the first on posted)

I wish I could say that this isn't typical Ed Boks "behavior;" but you all know differently. I wish I could say that we should all be shocked that he would try to make us and Council believe he is not the culprit- But we are not shocked. We are disgusted as we have been for 3 years. And we are finished with this man --again. We're tired of his insecurity and fear of "not being liked" which spawns his venom and antics when he is challenged or exposed-- when his lies and fabrications are so easily disproven.

Antonio, are you finished yet? Can we send this guy on his way or to we have to wait until he is vested in his pension. Isn't there a "Dangerous General Manager" ordinance we can write so that his "license" to kill and lie can be "revoked?" Shouldn't he now be "removed from the city" within 5 days? We dream...

Anonymous said...

Wait -- Boks is "afraid of not being liked"???

Well, Ed Boks, my friend, fear no aren't just not-liked, you are absolutely and roundly LOATHED by all who ever beheld you or even heard about you.

To continue his unfortunate "Titanic" simile, this is a little like the Captain of the Titanic being "afraid" of hitting an iceberg. Buddy, you're already sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor. So I guess the good news is: nothing to fear now that you've passed that milestone years ago.

Wonder if he's afraid of being bald too...