From Marie Ataka Re; Stu

If you are not privy to Maeve’s and Stu’s stories, go here:

This has been going on for TOO LONG, and NO DOG should be confined as an evidence for FOUR YEARS.  And there’s no need to put a 14-year old, mostly sleeping, gentle geriatric through hell.  Dirty politics are for humans; not for dogs!  In my 
resignation letter from the Commission, I wrote:

Recently, the Commission discovered its serious procedural problems with a past appeal. I was not involved with this particular appeal, however, I felt it was the Commission’s sworn duty to right its wrongs, and restore its integrity, when the process was violated, with unfairness and prejudice appearing high and harmful.

This was exactly referring to Stu’s case.  I resigned because I could “
no longer, in good conscience, be a part of such demoralization.”  (You can read the letter in entirety at this link:

Many of you are going to City Hall anyway for the Public Safety meeting on the s/n coupon and certificate issues.  So please stop by LAAS Commission meeting which is on the same floor, 20 steps away, and be these dogs’ voice and save their lives because neither 
Stu nor Maeve can speak.  

Please tell Mr. Boks & Co. that they must stop casting the cruelty on his personal grudges against the dogs’ owner.  I was at the 
court hearing, and the Judge did say “anything can be settled,” so why isn’t Mr. Boks settling?  If it’s not he, then who is pressuring him not to?  LAAS was ordered by the judge to set aside the decision, so why not dismissing the case?

Please 1) ask the Commission to find out WHO is orchestrating these dogs’ prosecution, and 2) urge them to direct the Dept. to settle and dismiss both cases for Maeve and Stu.


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