Two Animal Friendly Candidates to Compete in May

Paul Koretz and David Vahedi, the two very pro-animal candidates for the Fifth Council District won first and second places for the seat, and therefore face a run off in May.

This is nothing but good news for the LA Animal community.

David has been far more forceful in his pronouncements than Koretz about specific pro-animal positions. 

Koretz is playing it cute not committing himself forcefully behind pro-animal legislation positions and reform of LAAS. He just says he is the best candidate for the animal community and look at his record. 

However, Vahedi has been much more specific regarding what he would do. 

Well, in any event, contact them directly and see if you can get them to commit to specifics.

I am disappointed in Koretz's weak stand on animal issues; just saying he is the animal communities best bet without making any committment or taking any strong stand. If he is afraid of offending anyone now and losing votes, he will be equally wishy-washy facing a still-popular Mayor Villaraigosa in July. 

He does not support much lifting the pet limit from three to a number based on an owner's ability to sustain a healthy and happy home with multiple companion animals. He wants to raise the limit to an arbitrary 4 or 5--max.

I don't think Paul is out man.

I have an idea though, we ought to support and encourage Kathy Riordan to run for Council in 2010 in her West Valley district. Although some complain she has been too slow to publicly push for change, let's recognize that her main issue will be animals as a councilmember, always working the Council and Mayor all the time to drop kitty and doggy limits, better monitor shelter budget and conditions. AND, as ex-Mayor Riordan's daughter, she would have a real chance.


Anonymous said...

I recently met someone who works as an advocate for humane legislation and he says they generally advise candidates to soft-pedal their animal-friendly positions.

It seems too often people view it as frivolous and not-germane to their interests.

This is someone who endorses Koretz, so just FYI.

I voted for Koretz. He has an impressive record. I like Vahedi and would probably, in the absence of Koretz, have voted for him. But it's too hard to find people who you can genuinely trust to stick with their supposed humane principles (Antonio "The Phonio" Villaraigosa, anyone?)

Koretz has an indisputable record. He's stuck to it, and we desperately need someone (anyone!) with anything resembling principles in City government, especially in a position of oversight over LAAS.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I am not in Koretz's district, but I wholeheartedly agree with Boks=Death. I've met Paul a number of times at various animal events. He IS the real deal. He doesn't just attend these events because he's being honored. He is invested with the humane community and has proven it by his voting record. We would be SO LUCKY to have him on the City Council. And I bet he'd be a great proponent to finally getting some official legislations for TNR, as well!

Lori Golden, The Pet Press

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you, but Riordan wasn't well-liked in the Valley. Trying to capitalize on that name would be a losing proposition.

Ed Muzika said...

Name recognition means almost everything.

Notice that most of the council races, the winner got around 7.000 votes. That is all it takes when only 15-20 of the voters show up.

The non-partisan mayor/council elections are won by a very small number of voters.

Smith had the highest winning total last time he ran and he got 14,000 votes against only a thousand or two for his chief opponent.

Valley wide popularity means nothing. It is one council district, not the entire Valley or City.

Anonymous said...

Poster #3 wrote: "Hate to tell you, but Riordan wasn't well-liked in the Valley."

Nice try Boks/Barth. The Valley likes Riordan.