URGENT! South Bay Caretaker Needs Brief Help

I'm sending this email out to try and help Regan help rehome her Mom's cats.  Animal Control will be coming to her Mom's house tomorrow and we'd like to get the cats the help they need before they get taken away by AC.
There are a total of 35 cats of which there are 5 pregnant Moms. About 14 cats are already fixed. The rest are nice and friendly house cats. They are all ranging from age 6 months to 3 years.  

Please, if you can help take one or two cats - contact Regan's Mom.  Regan works for the military so it's hard to pick up the phone during the day - but you can reach her via her email. 
Susan McKenney (Regan's Mom)
Regan Taylor
Daugher in Viginia (leaving for Iraq in 6 months)
Regan wants to do whatever she can to keep the cats from being taken to the shelter.  These are good house cats. 
Please help her help the cats.
Thank you,
Cathy Nguyen

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