Boks Pay More Than Highest Military Pay Grade

A Major General in the US army, with 10 years years of experience, makes a base pay of $10,395/month, for an annual salary of $124,740. This is $56,000 less than Ed Boks makes.

The command of a Major General is one entire division, or about 14-16,000 people. Boks commands about 360.

A full General, who may be in charge of the entire Pacific theatre, or a Navy Fleet Admiral, with 20 years of experience, have a base pay of $14,689, still $4,000 less than Boks makes.

The Major General pay grade is 0-8, and a full General or Fleet Admiral is 0-10.

There are only 11 full Generals in the Army currently.

2 comments: said...

President Obama likes to cut salaries, lets get him to cut Boks salary.

It is ludicrous that somebody who kills animals for a living is paid so much more than the people who work to help keep the animals' owners and potential adopters from being killed.

Why not take, say, $5000 of Boks yearly salary and donate that to the s/n fund in his name so that he can get the tax deduction? Boks gets a pay cut, more animals get s/n, and Boks gets a tax break on the donation. Win-Win all the way.

Boks = Death said...

And if we fired Boks that's roughly 180K we have to save animals.

Maybe we could almost cover the costs for the fixes needed on his new shelter design screwups...