VCA Stock Up Over 6% Today

VCA (WOOF) closed up over 6% today.The blue line in the chart on the left represents VCA, while the almost invisible red line represents the Dow Jones Industrial closing prices over the past 30 days.

VCA is outperforming the DOW and NASDAQ. It first quarter earnings are coming out on April 22. I am betting its price rising in the face of that day portends a good earnings/profit report.

Join me. Buy a few shares online through Scottrade. Any purchase costs $7.00. Sometimes your bank has online trading and you can do it there for free.

Together we can go to stockholder meetings and become gadflies forcing them to develop a social conscience. (Fat chance--but we can have fun with them and maybe exact some compromise)

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Anonymous said...

Great post!
a bit peculiar though.

Bernard Bonehard
vca vol