Veterinary Medical Board Complaint Against Value Vet

I filed a complaint against Value Vet over a month ago about their treatment of Lakshmi. I finally got a letter from the Veterinary Medical Board that received it. I had already called twice to find out why there had been no action.

I sent them everything except the X-rays. A description of the complaint, details of the complaint, and the complete medical notes given to me by Value Vet to take to her consulting oncologist.

Notice that they say a "very high burden of proof to establish a violation of laws and/or regulations" is required.

Then they say the review process can take from four to nine months.

Given that they took over a month to even acknowledge they received the complaint, I am not holding my breath. 

Notice the letter is not even signed. There is no one to be held accountable for this investigation.

Given this attitude, it appears the Board may provide no more than a whitewash. 

From the VMB dated April 13, 2009:

RE: Case #: SV 2009 514

Respondent(s): Sherif Abdelmalak, DVM

Dear Dr. Muzika:

The Veterinary Medical Board acknowledges receipt of the complaint you filed. The enforcement team will review your complaint and any supportive documentation.

The allegations in your complaint along with documents and statements collected from the veterinarian and other parties involved must be investigated to determine whether there has been a violation of the laws governing veterinary medicine in California. The Board’s authority to investigate complaints is limited to determining administrative violations of the California Practice Act. The Board’s investigations are conducted within the parameters of the California Administrative Procedures Act (APA). Under the APA the Board must meet a very high burden of proof to establish a violation of the laws and/or regulations (“clear and convincing evidence to a reasonable certainty”). Before initiating a disciplinary action, the VMB has an obligation to ensure that admissible and competent evidence exists to sustain a decision, judgment, or fine.

If it is established that there is sufficient evidence to indicate a possible violation, further formal or informal investigations may be initiated. Alleged violations are then reviewed by legal counsel to determine if the evidence is adequate to support disciplinary action. During formal legal review, or at any point in the review process, it may be determined that there is either no violation of the California Veterinary Practice Act or insufficient evidence to support a disciplinary action and the complaint is closed.

The entire complaint review is important and the determination of appropriate action may take an extended period of time. Please note that the initial time frame involved in the complaint review process can range from four to nine months. The overall disciplinary process including investigation and formal discipline through the Attorney General’s office can take up to two years.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. You will be notified of the results of the complaint review and any action taken by the Board. Please retain this letter and refer to the above-referenced complaint number when making inquiries regarding your complaint.


Veterinary Medical Board


Anonymous said...

Pretty much the same thing as happened with my letter to the Superior Court about what happened to Ron Mason.

It's amazing how the people whose JOB it is to ensure things are done right simply don't care - about justice, about animals, about people's Constitutional rights.

Anonymous said...

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