Mayeda is Next!

We all know that the County shelter system under Mayeda is far worse than Ed Boks City shelters. With Boks down, this blog has two jobs: make sure the City does a good job getting a replacement for Boks, and getting rid of Mayeda.

Coming soon will be some extraordinary bad news for Mayeda and the County shelter system.

Keep watch on this blog.


Anonymous said...

It's ABOUT TIME! This woman is evil and a criminal.

Ed Muzika said...

Actually that is not true. I have been going to VCA West LA for two years with cat with cancer. Recently there was a dramatic increase in their prices. An initial pelvic ultrasound went from $360 to $425 about 8 weeks ago and followup ultrasounds went from $160 to $180--in the middle of a huge recession!!

The cost of some prescription meds prepared there also went up considerably (30% on one of them).

The cost for a 20 lb bag of Science Diet went up from about $50 to $56 in that same time frame.

A non-prescription probiotic prescription that the vet said was $30, was actually charged at $50 at check out. I refused it and got it on the Internet for $19.

A needle biopsy I got done at one vet for $130 three months ago sent to Antech cost me $170 at VCA two weeks ago.

The vet would quote me one price but at the front desk it would be significantly higher. The needle aspiration test was administered without my authorization.

Yes, their prices were higher than others when I first went there, and they have gone much higher in the last 2-3 months.

Also, in their annual statement they said they raised their prices and thus maintained revenue even though customer visits were down. They also claimed they cut costs and fired staff that they took over to bring costs down even more.

This analyst's opinion is consistent with my own observations and their own annual statement.

If you have different info, put it in a long comment or email it to me post my analysis and posting.

Anonymous said...

Heh!! Regarding comment #2,
see this first comment.