Steve Lisberger, Ph.D.,

Steve Lisberger

This is what I found:

From Lisberger’s own website on methods he uses.

The Program Lisberger heads

Here is his email address and phone # as found on a University website regarding his research:

Email address:


Physical Address

513 Parnassus, HSE-812

Mailing Address

UCSF, Dept. of Physiology 
513 Parnassus 
Box 0444 
San Francisco, CA 94143-0444

His project application.

The monkeys are then killed by anesthetizing and then injecting formalin "intraaortically" so the the heart pumps the formalin into the brain preserving the tissues (page 36):

Monkeys are euthanized by

intra-aortic perfusion with formalin after nearly-lethal anesthesia with intravenous pentobarbital. Anesthesia is give to effect - until respiration rate is very slow and all reflexes are suppressed. We do not give lethal doses of anesthesia because of the need to preserve the integrity of brain tissue until it is fixed by the perfusion with formalin. This method is consistent with the recommendations of the Panel on Euthanasia of the AVMA.

I asked Steve what his experiements were all about, what is the payoff. No response.

So, Steve doesn't want to talk to us because he didn't like the comments he was seeing. He is not open to debate.

Everything he is doing is strictly legal and he is abiding by every government sanction protocol on treating animals which shows you how backwards and reactionary those laws are.


Anonymous said...

How about, you praise him for all the lives he's probably saved, which are more important than the monkeys.

Well, that's what normal people do anyway. I don't know what you'll all think.

MM said...

Hey idiot, he hasn't saved any lives. He hooks moneys with steel cages onto the ceiling of a chair, hooks them up to goggles also embedded, then watchs how their eyes track "targets."

Why do you pro-animal kill people never learn how to read? You just spew kind of asinine cliches.

Make Lisberger Accountable said...

What's even sadder than the fact that Commenter #1 hasn't bothered to read the facts before lashing out is the fact that s/he is so mindlessly willing to assume that Lisberger has "probably" saved lives, with absolutely no evidence to support that idea.

The fact that this person is so willing to cede authority, including over the lives and deaths of living creatures, with absolutely NO evidence of any benefit, dovetails perfectly with Lisberger's arrogant assumption that he, and he alone, gets to decide who he will deign to be answerable to.

Lisberger believes he is not accountable, and Commenter #1 is not only willing to grant him absolute carte blanche to hurt and kill animals, just because he's called a "scientist," but he's even eager to attack others on Lisberger's behalf, with (again) absolutely NO EVIDENCE OF ANY KIND that his experiments have done any good at all.

This is how authoritarianism works, this symbiosis between authoritarians like Lisberger, who believe they are above any form of accountability for their actions (you think it's a coincidence that Lisberger chose to make his living in an occupation that gives him the power of life and death over living creatures?) and corresponding believers in authoritarian regimes who not only defend their perceived authority figure, but attack and fight to defend regimes they don't even understand and, let's not forget, actively diminish the damage that's done by their leader. Notice the Commenter didn't just suppose Lisberger had "saved lives" but he actively minimized the creatures he knew were being hurt, saying that the unproven lives being "saved" "are more important than the monkeys."

It's scary to see how quickly and unthinkingly people will cede their power of thought to anybody they perceive as an authority, no matter how flimsy the evidence.

Anonymous said...

What about Boks?