Lancaster Cat Kill--Help Needed

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From: Rebecca E. Arvizu"

Since these photos were taken two weeks ago at the Lancaster shelter, all the cats in the pictures were killed by Animal Control, despite the efforts of a few rescuers who were aware of the situation.  One cat was killed while a rescuer sat in the Lancaster office trying to pull him out.  Now LA County refuses to release the body of the cat to our independent vet for a necropsy and histopathology.

I have been too busy fighting LA County on the legal end to send out the public information myself.  Even though I am too late to help these cats, I’m hoping you will help me, as well as the suffering animals currently in LA County shelters, by sending this email out immediately, especially to the rescue community, LA County officials, and Lancaster city officials.


Public records show that many of the cats impounded at the Lancaster shelter are not being vaccinated, and many are not receiving vet care at all. Of the cats that do receive vet care, they get very minimal treatment for URI, even though private vets have verified a rampant and ongoing outbreak of Panleuk amongst the Lancastershelter cats.


LA County refuses to provide me the impound number of the dead Siamese cat bleeding out in the first picture.



Anonymous said...

And how much of our money is Marcia Mayeda making to kill our homeless animals wholesale?

Of course, since she's only been in charge of LACDACC for what? Seven years? I'm sure she's "in process" to make big changes. She always is.

And unfortunately, the Board of Supervisors and their CEO (the redoubtably corrupt William Fujioka) just let her keep killing animals, and continuing to employ abusers like Felix Reyes (the guy who was videotaped dragging a dog with a dislocated hip across a Count shelter - and who still works for the County, being paid our money).

The pictures are there, the evidence is stacked up in piles, the lawsuits keep coming and our Board of Supervisors doesn't care how many animals die who could have been saved.

Anonymous said...

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