Beverly Hills Neighbor Claims Varjian Is Not Feeding Feral Cats

I just receieved a comment regarding the Beverly Hills colony manager, Katherine Varjian, who was being charged with feeding feral cats.

Darian Bojeaux, get this, claims there are no feral cats in the area Mrs. Varjian is feeding. Darian claims since there are no cats being fed by her, and she has refused to stop feeding non-existent of invisible cats, she deserves to be arrested.

Here is Darian's comment:

"First animal rights people sent out e-mails to many claiming that Varjian had been arrested for feeding cats. Now the claim is being made that they are afraid she might have to go to jail. Which is true? Are facts being manipulated to conjure up sympathy and support for Varjian?

Varjian does not live in our neighborhood, but she insists upon littering and leaving cat food in our alleys which draws coyotes, rodents, etc. She also claims that there is a colony of feral cats in our area which is not true. We residents, including animal lovers like myself, have asked Varjian repeatedly to stop her conduct, but she refuses to respect our wishes.

This is not a person who deserves sympathy and support. This is a person who should direct her energy to helping cats in a sensible manner such as by feeding cats who are awaiting adoption. If she would, then she wouldn't have to worry about getting arrested.

Darian Bojeaux

123 Palm Drive

Beverly Hills

Well Darian, do you really believe anyone would believe Mrs. Varjian just goes into your neighborhood to feed invisible or non-existent cats to tick you off or because she is insane? ? Are your values so distorted you have to lie like that?


Cocoanlace said...

Watch video of yesterday's case continuance - trial Aug. 7th. Spread far and wide please
For Darian, who does not believe Kathy was even arrested, he should take a look at this video footage. Next, he'll ask us to take photos of the colony cats, I suppose? We all need to show up at the BH council meeting Tuesday evening at 7:00. July 7. The council plans to vote to reinstate the ordinance that they arrested Kathy for. You see, it was deleted some months back and it's rather difficult to prosecute this nice lady with nothing to back it up!

Ed Muzika said...

Ed Muzika said...

To residents of Beverly Hills who are against the feeding of stray cats,

First of all, coyotes live in Los Angeles and so do rats and cockroaches. Lots of animals do, that's part of what makes Los Angeles so great. They have been here in this region longer than any of you. Each wild animal that you cross is a reminder that you are part of the natural world. Birds make noise in the morning and fly above our heads and people feed them and delight in the mere fact that they exist. But there's always a creep with a bee bee gun who wants to shoot at it because it shat on his car.

I truly wish we didn't have a cat overpopulation problem in our city. In fact, I try to help out as much as I can. These poor animals have nowhere to go and depend on the kindness of strangers. The good thing is, the strangers who are kind to them are the very same people who are educated about the issue of cat overpopulation. They feed them, yes. But they are also trapping and releasing them in order to spay and neuter them, get it? To quell the problem you are whining about.

You have cockroaches, you say? They will be here long after cat feeders have left your sacred alley. You have rats? Yes! They live here! They are permanent residents, just like the ice in your hearts.

If you are afraid of coyotes, read about them and gain the understanding that we have encroached on their habitat. They have an ability to thrive in urban environments--we have such an environment. Consider yourself fortunate to live in a time where you can still observe animals in the wild and consider the idea that coyotes seem to have a better understanding of how to live in a complex environment than you. They are not dangerous to responsible pet guardians who keep their animals safe.

Some people are just too selfish to live with others. Maybe you should move to a perfect city where there are no stray cats or cockroaches or rodents or coyotes or animal welfare people who annoy your perfect existence. I'd like to know where that is. Wherever it is, go there, will you? Maybe there are no homeless people there either, you know, the type that leaves a half-eaten sandwich on the ground in your alley to attract a bug that might crawl into your bed. I hope to see you at the City Council meeting on Tuesday so I can see what kind of empathy-challenged nitwit would waste time pursuing a good samaritan.

Carole Davis