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Ed can't write a five year plan, but he can take a leadership role in fighting Beverly Hills attack on feral cat colonies.

BH's staffer are trying to make this into a phony health issue so that they can get an immediate passage of this garbage ordinance as an emergency so that they can punish Varjian weeks later when she goes to trial.

In his latest post at his new blog, http://latopdog.blogspot.com, Boks brings up the broader issue of TNR. I think he is being naive if he thinks that the snobby Yahoos on Palm Drive care about anything except exercising their power of a really, really wimpy, weak-kneed City Hall staff that apparent got their logical and medical arguments from one of the dimmer 30 people who signed a petition against Varjian. At least the staff didn't bring up the specter of plague, AIDS or swine flu as a consequence of feeding cats.

I wish Ed and other supporters of TNR would address the bogus, non-existent health risk claim made by the BH city staff, because that is alleged basis for the ordinance. Beverly Hills = Compassion?

Yet, I can see a future for Ed as he addresses many of the issues that are of concern to the LA animal community.

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