Boks Last Act: A Five Year Plan to Nowhere

Animal Services has just posted its five year plan signed by Ed Boks and dated his last day in office, June 30, 2009.

It is an incredible disappointment.

Remember his promised five year plan to No Kill that never happened? Well, this is a five year plan to a more efficient bureaucracy with not the slightest mention radically reducing the number of animals killed or animals adopted.

It does not even mention no kill. Doing a search on the five year plan, I could not find, "no-kill," "save rate," "euthanasia," "kill rate," or even "adoption rate."

I see two goals in my brief reading which has any real numbers: a goal to have New Hope partners adopt an additional 264 animals in 2009 vs. 2008, and a gaol to reduce returns by 10%.

This plan is filled with empty words, meaningless program outlines that have no attached real goals in terms of anticipated increases in save rates or reduction of killing.

This is a plan that outlines future programs and plans and nothing about reducing the number of animals killed. This is an awful, awful plan that puts the focus on a bureaucracy's ability to create a more efficient bureaucracy in the future and nothing about saving lives.

THIS PLAN MUST BE SCRAPPED IMMEDIATELY. IT IS PURELY A COVER MY ASS DOCUMENT WHERE THE GMs OF THE FUTURE CAN SAY: We met every goal in the plan, therefore we are performing at 100% of our commitment, but unfortunately, we are still killing 18,000 animals a year.

This plan is an acceptance of failure.


Anonymous said...

Ed, the plan is not searchable, so you might want to OCR before you comment on what words are in it..

M said...

Do you know the difference between the LAAS Shelters and commercial slaughter houses? They are engaged in the same business of killing animals but the slaughter houses are more truthful about their name and the activities they engage in and the slaughter houses make money.

Euthanasia is as stupid as bringing democracy to a country one bomb at a time.

From the President to the Dog Catcher we have a paucity of moral leadership.

Please pass the Advil. You latest blog entry gave me a major Malox moment. What a bunch of shit.

Anonymous said...

If this is what they are spending our tax dollars on, then I support lay offs.

Kelley said...

Wow, Nathan quoted you, color me impressed:)