New LAAS Just As Incompentent As Boks'; 1/3 of All Cats About to Be Killed At One Shelter

Email received:

I apologize for the seeming deluge of requests for help lately, but we are facing a dire situation in Los Angeles.

TODAY THE SOUTH L.A. SHELTER REDLISTED 1/3 OF THEIR CAT POPULATION, MOST OF WHOM ARE ONLY BABIES! We have until Tuesday, July 28, to help until these kitties are killed.

Please, if you can adopt or foster one of these precious souls, many of whom have spent half of their very short life behind bars only to be now scheduled to die, we -- and they -- would be eternally grateful.

Please see Stacy Robbins' email with many redlisted kitties' photos at the following link:

If you can help, please call or visit the South LA Animal Shelter at 3612 11th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90018 off Crenshaw and Jefferson ASAP. You can call the shelter at 213-485-0117 or 213-485-0119 with any questions or to process these babies!

Jessica Cliver <> has also generously pledged $50 per cat to a 501c3 that could rescue some of these kitties.


Let's save these souls. In the words of Lily Tomlin: "I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody."

Thank you all for your efforts and support!




Anonymous said...

When I told you the truth (Boks is not your problem) you accused me of all kinds of negative things.
Now you are repeating after me.
Should I look for an apology?

You need a GM who can diplomatically get district supervisors and line supervisors (ACT Supervisors) in line to work with volunteers.

Anonymous said...

I agree, to an extent, that Boks was not guilty of all things he has been accused of. People blamed him for the large number of killings that take place daily in the shelters, yet, since he resigned, the numbers have increased. Staff critized him for mismanagement, but is that an excuse for the employees not to take the initiative to be better workers, more respectful of the public and the volunteers, and more caring for the animals in their care?

LAAS does need a GM who can take control of shelter supervisors and ACTs and see to it that they do the job the tax payers are paying them to do. As far as working with volunteers, LAAS better hope more sign up to work in the shelters because, currently, many will not venture in because of the way they are treated by staff, or because they are terminated by "management," perhaps for being considered "whistleblowers." LAAS is in one sorry state and, sadly, it's the animals who are paying.

Anonymous said...

The commenter is right about staff being the problem, but how many volunteers have been terminated lately? I've heard of only one.

The staff has so many layers of protection from union contracts and civil service that no one can touch them. Boks tried and look what they did to him.

Nathan Winograd says he'd just fire them, but he'd find out real quick that he can't. They'd eat him for breakfast and nothing would change. It would just be yet another failed head of LAAS and another failure on Winograd's growing collection of big talk followed by ineffectiveness.

All of us who want things to be better ought to start coming up with better ideas than just bashing management, because bashing management doesn't stop unemployed people from dumping their animals at the shelters so they can be killed when it gets overcrowded. Which is all the time right now.

It's time we got real or shut the hell up.

Ed Muzika said...

Oh, so you are saying nothing can be done to improve staff because of the unions and CS? That we had all better shut up and think of other ways to improve the dept. because criticism just gets GMs fired?

What a defeatist mentality this is.

Yes, we long ago figured out a better way: Get a GM who can do the job despite unions and Civil Service.

Carl Friedman at SFACC said you need someone who can bring everyone together, unions, employees, rescue groups and the public. He said he dealt with three different unions and civil Services and had an 81% save rate just for the public side with 50 employees.

The way is clear but no mayor so far (except Riordan and Knaap) has hired someone the animal community has vetted and approved.

It is rumored Villaraigosa is interviewing now for yet again a GM that the animal community has no say about.

One after another hack GMs come out of nowhere, and everyone wonders why we complain when the death rates actually go up.

Maybe the unions are insurmountable barriers to No Kill, but then we can always turn the shelter operations over to a non-profit.

The Naysayers ALWAYS say LA will defeat any new GM, but this is their attitude, and is speculation only.