Three Years of Prgress at LAAS-No Kill by 2031

The two charts below, prepared by Brad Jensen at, show 2.5 years of "progress" by LAAS in terms of saving versus killing of cats. In 2.5 years the killing percentage has decreased 2%, and the overall Live-Save Rate has increased from 37% to 42%. That is, there has been an increase in live saves as a rate at about 2% per year. In another 22 years we will be at No-Kill (90% save rate). But because of the huge increase in impounds, the current 58% kill rate (euth + Died In Shelter) means 3,000 more cats were killed versus when the kill rate was 63%.

This is what the gradual approach has accomplished. I don't know why anyone thinks much will improve unless there is a massive shakeup at LAAS.

The category "Other" is basically those who died in the shelter from disease or injury, or who were DOA. But because of the huge in

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