Quincey Resigns Commission Over Stu

Archie J. Quincey Jr. has resigned from the Animal Services Commission, apparently as a result of a conflict between him and Jim Blackman over Stu and Jeff de la Rosa.

Jim Bickhart told him he had to apologize about characterizing the actions of certain LAAS employees and management as possibly "criminal." Quincey refused to apologize or retract his statements made at the July 13 Board meeting (actually, the last 3) and quit.

You can download and listen to meetings now at the LAAS commission page.

When the word "criminal" is bandied about, I am guessing that Trutanich might prick up his ears , especially because his office has been bombarded with StuMail of late.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's big news. Now they must find another black male who lives in Quincey's district to replace him. Blackman will put someone of his choosing in there.