Jimmy Goes to Court Today

Jimmy is going to court today accompanied by a reporter from LA Weekly, Patrick McDonald, and me. The local City Attorney visited Jimmy via a passenger ride in a cop car today while the reporter was interviewing Jimmy.

Jim Dellinger, Councilmember Smith's Deputy, emailed me that he passed along all my documentation including parcel maps to the City Attorney in charge.

We'll see what comes down.

Of course, there is the woman in Beverly Hills who goes to court today too. Pray for us.

I'll report the outcomes.

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Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURE! What a wonderful job you are doing to help this man. Please, Almighty and Merciful God, Please help this man--one of Your sons---one of Your babies---and his babies, Your babies! Pour your Grace and protection over this man and those cats! Provide him and the cats he is caring for with good food; a good home---provide them these children of yours with all of their needs. You love them, help them. Help Mr. Muzika who is doing so much to help this man and his cats have the strength, courage, and imagination to be able to get the help he needs for this man and those darling, beautiful, homeless babies this man is trying to care for all by himself. Pour Your lovingkindness upon them; help them and protect them, Lord God, Almighty, Loving, and Merciful God. We love these people and these animals, and we know You do too, and when we hurt for them because they aren't having their needs met and they are in trouble, you hurt too. When we hurt when they are mistreated, You hurt too. Send your armies of angels to guard and protect them. Send them manna from heaven now and forever more. We love because You love. Show them your love, Father. You're their Dad. Feed them. Shelter them. Protect them. Keep them safe. Protect their integrity. Stop all the people that are trying to hurt them and take away their right to Live. Their right to shelter, safety, and protection.
This I pray with all of my heart---for Jimmy and all other people and animals who are trying to survive, hold on, day by day, one day at a time. Lift them up and carry them on your back, Lord Father.