Best Buy Denies They Have Done Anything Or Control Guards

Despite the guards from Guardian National patrolling out of Best Buy's parking structure, Best Buy Customer Service has even denied a homeless man lives behind their store, and strongly deny the guards have anything to do with them. But as I told two managers, they are the major renter at Nordhoff Place and can tell the management service to lay off Jimmy. 
I repeat, months ago a guard told Jimmy they were after him because of ONE cat that went into the Best Buy parking structure. In fact, lots of new "No Trespassing" signs have been put up all over Best Buy's back lot over the past month. This wouldn't happen without Best Buy's consent. They are flat out lying if they claim they have nothing to do with Jimmy's harassment. People who have called these people are all over each other blaming the other person.

Management company phone: Jenny Candia (626) 793-6362
Best Buy managers Doreen or Ken: (818) 727-2036

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