Best Friends on Scwartzenegger's Non-signature of AB 241

Governor Schwarzenegger Needs to Hear from You 
His Veto of AB 241 Was a Win for Puppy Mills

Dear California Members and Friends,

Governor Schwarzenegger’s veto of AB 241, The Responsible Breeder Act, was a loss for the animals and a win for puppy mills. 
Please contact Governor Schwarzenegger to express your disappointment with his failure to act either in the best interests of California’s taxpayers or California’s pets.

Call, FAX, mail:
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160 (new number)

Even though the bill had been weakened through legislative compromise in its intent to sharply curtail exploitive breeders, its signing would have signaled the governor’s support for a measure aimed squarely at commercial breeders, i.e., puppy millers.  

The governor’s explanation for not signing AB 241 – potentially criminalizing the legal activities of reputable breeders and charitable organizations raising service dogs, is without merit. Reputable breeders do not house more than 50 intact animals at a time and neither do breeders of service dogs.  Reputable breeders raise their pups a litter at a time in their home. Their dogs are pets. A reputable breeder does not keep fifty intact dogs in their home. 

Meanwhile, nearly $300 million taxpayer dollars are spent every year in California to house the nearly 1 million animals that enter our municipal shelters, over half of which are euthanized. 
 It’s one of the largest reimbursable mandates in a state that is bankrupt, and puppy mills are contributing significantly to that crisis.  Surely Californians would prefer their taxes to be spent on other programs and services our state desperately needs – healthcare, school programs, increased fire and police protection, etc.

As always, thanks for caring for the animals.

Francis Battista
Best Friends Animal Society

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How many animals that I can handle is none of your "blankety blank" business!
I am a breeder. I am a responsible breeder. IF I have the facilities to have 25 animals or 600 animals I will still be responsible.
You do not know me. You don't care to know me. All you care about it that I am a breeder and I must be evil. Well, sorry. I am not evil and I am not irresponsible and I am not any of the things that you seem to want to impose on to me.
This has nothing to do with quantity and I wish you guys would get over it.
It all has to do with that someone has animals and enjoys working with them day in and day out.