Boycott on Best Buy to Start and Continue Until City Attorney Drops Charges

Business is bad at the Plaza and it was sold to a new group just a few months ago.

That new group, Coreland, had contacted the railroad and told them to give Jimmy a new ticket. The railroad said they couldn't do anything because Jimmy wasn't on their property.

Possibly some business loss is due to the LA Weekly story on Jimmy and my constant blogposts (I get anywhere from 150-350 visitors a day) and his problems, but likely, to a worsening local economy. However, every boycott dollar hurts Best Buy.

Now that the guards are leaving him alone, Jimmy is dropping charges against the guard who roughed him up.

Our next step needs to continue pressure on Best Buy, and the Nordhoff Plaza management Co., Coreland, and tell them to contact the City attorney, Abe Atteukennian, to drop charges against Jimmy. The boycott on Best Buy continues until the charges are dropped.

I have a place lined up where Jimmy might be able to live in the area and still take care of his cats in the area.

The Coreland person handling Nordhoff Plaza is Jenny Candia at (626) 793-6362

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